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  1. naw man, we ALL know you rent a hot air balloon the lower yourself down and kill it. :clown2:
  2. looks like under that NAVE in blue he put FCK instead of FKC....awsome
  3. the NSC crew im reffering to is a weak ass crew called north side crew. and indeed they are all snitches now.
  4. i kno 100% that NSC is vandel squad
  5. RUDE BOY, JUMP STEADY, AND NATE DA MACK TAGGED ICP BY THE TRAIN TRACKS. i was watchin war2 and seen a ICP roller and marked out bein the juggalo i am. good times were had. but yea, the crew is pretty dope........keep the flix commin
  6. twiztidmono


    dam i kno how that is, i already had to change my name from ipaint to i<3paint. but on a serious note i kno a kid that hit a peice on the side of a building then put his phone number next to it and said if anyone wants to paint sometime call him. to make a long story short police were at his house 2 days later.......fuckin morons
  7. wow i cant belive i just read that whole thread.......but interesting indeed.
  8. twiztid kottonmouth kings tech n9ne necro 3 6 mafia blaze a lil bit of M&M some other random shit
  9. nice nice lets keep the shit goin, i need to get a fuckin scanner :(
  10. i personaly try and adviod all contact with anyone while out. but if im under a highway overpass or something theres gunna be a couple cars that see ya but just gotta deal with it i suppose
  11. i wanna see some more sinr element servr mook anger realm admit. if u got some post them shits
  12. twiztidmono


    get apex about 5 sinr pretty small train so yeah.........not many
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