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  1. its good to look at a thread that isnt just flicks of wak throwies and toy gernz's. i'm just implying that overall we burn the shit out of most cities and countries (fucking every city shits on about how all the toys are fucking up their scene)... at least NZ are in our leauge. Stirringupshit_One
  2. word to the NZ freshness... i was pleasantly suprised at the standard of u cunts. -Melburner
  3. Ole Ole Ole Ole Aussies Aussies Bring on World Cup 2006! We're the best in the world at almost every sport going. Only football left conquer! Ole Ole Ole Ole, Aussies Aussies.
  4. some of this chick "graf" is fresh. but since when has graf ever been done with paintbrushes? they should stick to their canvases and leave the streets to real graf artists!
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