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  1. now i just thought i'd through out the question. NOw here is my 2 bits. I'll paint anything, But churches, cars, houses. They're all just too private. Anything that is owned by more than one person. For example i won't paint the houses in the gated community but I will paint the outer resident walls if they are resonably nice. I like roof tops especially if they can be seen by the road. Sometimes we have to paint private property down here because decient public property that can be seen by others is just too scarce.
  2. don't be rippen on me. I'm mre of just a straight up poet. I'm not a mc, and what I write I rarly try to rap. So don't be dissing me cause there ain't nothing wrong with that. And what some one please mention to me the origin of graff considering every one who reads my first shit, keeps being ass holes when it comes to me saying "graff came from hip-hop" or the other way around. Correct me don't just fucken say no or call me a stupid fuck.
  3. i just mentioned that they where sort of joined together , i really don't know the whole orgin or story behind it all
  4. I take my hose and make my bitch eat it I got her so why I need to beat it firetrucks are red While I do her in the bed shoes have shoelaces In the race of life I'll beat you by 20 places Bananas are yellow but the ones that aren't ripe are green This is just a joke son , I ain't tryn to be mean
  5. Come on, graff came from hip-hop, so I know all of you at once have written some stuff. Come on let hear your shit. There ain't nothing wrong wit a little poetry. I'll start it off. Its letter science Maybe these is some authority defiance We do have a(n) reliance On the Krylon suppliance Together we join to make an alliance And use our blank wall canvases as our clients Bam! Now lets hear some more
  6. Now me I"m a rookie but all i know is that private property should be avoided unless its the most desirable of canvases. In other words what is your opinion of painting on private property? Should it be stressed not to? Because of increased heat? Or should you paint it as freely as public property?
  7. I'd beg to differ. It might matter where you live though. Police do bother. I was driving and ended up going by one of my pieces and I saw a bunch of cops around it and they were all profiling it and writing down shit, all I thought was holy shit, oh well no problems yet. It was also on private prop.
  8. Really I might not have room to speak, but shove over I'm maken room. I'm about a six month rookie but it don't matter i've still put up a couple of decent and yet ballsy pieces. Writting your own name I think is very ballsy and yet one of the best ideas, but its to dangerous. Whether you get caught after the act and the same name is seen on your id, or you have family members that hate graff and would kill you if they ever knew you've done it (like me). I'd do my own name but I like the fact that people can get creative with the different combination of letters. Even then its hard to find a name that you like whether it means something or has certain letters in it that you like or are especially good at, unless your a lifetime graff writter and any letter is no problem. I don't know I guess it all depends on your preferance. Sorry to jabber on so much with this mumbo jumbo bs. Oh yeah, If ever in a bind with authority, Never under estimate the power of DENIAL.
  9. add on You might not go painting in your sundays best , but it is always best not to dress trashy. Sometimes (depending on who) when stopped you can bullshit your way out and they'll give you nore respect for not looking like shit or like a gangster or crook. I prefer pants, shirt, and a loose button up shirt, but really whos looking for style, where what you like, experiment. me I'm a amatuer and haven't had too many run ins
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