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  1. Yeah.. boo whooo to me huh.. I think i might just go jump off a bridge and die somewhere. You ruined my graffiti career...Your right. I don't have my own style. Im just a no name toy... OOOH poor bjay.:lol: Yeah.. maybe trains just arent my thing... :dazed: :rolleyes:
  2. Hahahahaha... Jesus Cruizers.... Radical Bra' http://www.shoedini.com/images/shoes/001531.jpg'>
  3. here ya go' http://www.feebleminds-gifs.com/exploding-head.gif'>
  4. and another thing... Kinda funny... Van can paint in a low cut shirt, and not get hated on.. but when it comes down to me doin it.. GOOD LORD.
  5. Re: miss van. Shit's mad dope... Wonder where youre from... Try and get in touch with me... Theres a show up in LA that you should try to make it too, if not, try and at least get some pictures and or canvas's/boards in it. Get at me AbsoluteOpposite@yahoo.com
  6. snatch Arent you that fael kid?
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