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  1. Fortunately for you feo, I have a real job. So I'm not out there. But don't you worry the paint will talk.
  2. Since when does feo go by any logic? He goes over whatever he wants when his panties get bunched up. So screw your YouTube video.
  3. You went over this with your FAG ass FEO yeah you get around, but you wanna disrespect get ready to be disrespected "pretty boy"
  4. Oh and you mean this one?? Reason he even went over your garbage in the first place is cuz you're disrespectful as shit to go over his R.I.P ynot tag. don't blame him for going over your shit; just like I had fun goin over your shit too. Not my fault you chose to tag exactly what your shit is. UGLY as FUCK
  5. but since it bothers you so much to see his shit, here you go
  6. and oh wait, thats, me; who went over you twice in the same spot cuz I just dont give a fuck and thats how much I dislike your shit; Idgaf if it looks like garbage, I just had fun going over you
  7. well I'm not Gr8st but thanks for that :D
  8. Like I said, Seed is from Miami too. Only reason he changed his name was cuz it was too close to Sedo Obviously Seeb is from MIA
  9. anyone pick up something from this karmah character? or venom? are they guys or chickks? Iv seen some work but I never have the time to take pics
  10. Actually, you may be referring to SEED which is from miami, but judging by the style, isn't his anyways. SeeB is another writer. Seed no longer goes by that name anyways. Seed is from MIA but is in Orlando. If that answers anything. . . :cool:
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