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Everything posted by cthulu

  1. Almost as big as they are in the real world..
  2. Big wall getting done Saturday..If you are crew, and want to get down get at me or someone who knows what's up..Get there early to get a spot..
  3. Fucken Aye that bem is some heatish shit..Hell yes!!
  4. word.. Sorry didn't get flicks of the Zorb or Lobes..
  5. And the rest were jack asses..
  6. The only thing gayer than going over stuff way better than yours is immediately posting it on the interwebs.. LAME..
  7. That's painfully obvious Nancy..Looking forward to seeing what you throw up..Laughter is good for the soul..
  8. This is some priceless shit.. The only thing funnier than those toy ass losa throws are the horrible fucking tattoos..You can't buy comedy this good anymore..I didn't think kids this stupid existed anymore, but every year the new crop of 12o douche bags proves me wrong and raises the bar on stupidity..Keep up the good work brah..hahaha
  9. either armor is biting better people or he didn't paint that.. SICR FOWL BARS CELM AJUSTER
  10. That fuckin' roll call..
  11. ^^True that.. Funny how there are a few younger people doing dope shit but the names most mentioned have been the same for a decade or more..
  12. Whatever the fate may be, The legacy has already been written..It reads MOMS..
  13. with tits twice as big.. Bump Nova..
  14. Nope, looks more like a new Krime..wackness..
  15. "I see what you did there" is the new black.. Bump all that moms shit.. And the >u's with phone..
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