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  1. SHUT your mouth. walk dont talk. that shit was dead along time ago. quit zapn dead beef!
  2. QUIT DRY SNITCHING YOU LITTLE FAGGOTS. Its one thing to gossip like little bitches on your net messaging but to drag other peoples names into the mud is another!!! I'll gladly beat your ass for free and sit in a holding cell for the night with a grin no matter how many pb and j sandwiches your mom makes you for school son. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAINT kid. AkEy 2 the mother fukkkkin Deee!
  3. BUMP OG HUGE SPOILER!!!! fuck the young dumb full of cum you jerky niggas times 100000000000 fukln kids
  4. damn GUFE kiiiiiillllleeeed it
  5. ok i want none of this., none of that, no drysnitching no hitting below the belt, no kicking yada yada yada!
  6. this shit is clown',this how fools should be get'n down. Small town thinkin though here in PDX, just a thought.
  7. that bond was dissed out with stock filler shit. no diss
  8. That last post says Dead Kennedy's a refferal to DK crew from the old portland days. When there was just a few crews up here The Native DK and the chicanos of LA Califas, Art Fiends , a UTI influenced crew. Anyways the whole going over legal murals and all that shit, Bump that! If its your hood ecspecially! Who's to say graff aint art and to let some fake coalition come in to our hoods and paint some shit with brushes saying they better the community, FUCK all that, put a fat silver fill over that paintbrush shit. Spraypaint wont be manufactured in the next 10 years anyway, spray it while u can. Voc laws are coming! Run your hood, go all city!
  9. bump DEAR from sbay! there used to be a Vicious in the corners on that DeadKennedy's highlite. back in the days and they go even further son.
  10. smarter than u, ballin harder, old skooler than your toy half ass shit. graff is graff i admit but fuck mayn, yall jock what the real doin, we simply been doin it, WEST COAST. real talk, your pants on to tight nut hugger!
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