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  1. JeezMan

    Steel Boxes that Rumble

    feelin that aloy
  2. JeezMan

    Britney please abort..

    I saw a picture of her in a t-shirt that read: MILF In Training
  3. JeezMan

    for ole time sakes - ROB

    Mine said it would release the wild woman in me...even if I'm a man??? :huh2:
  4. JeezMan


  5. JeezMan


    This just isn't right... love to his family and friends. R.I.P. Dept.
  6. JeezMan


    the rain makes some of those flicks look dope...others, shitty.
  7. JeezMan

    anyone ever got caught racking paint?

    2 cans = $10? thats kinda expensive...
  8. JeezMan

    12oz car show and systems...pt.2

    wow...can I borrow like $300? ^^^
  9. JeezMan

    this is me looking for a job

    How do people get jobs as bouncers anyways? Do they go in for an interview like "yeah, im big and i can kick some ass". And since it seems like you know a bit about them, how is their salary?
  10. JeezMan

    andy milonakis

    Some stuff about him.
  11. JeezMan

    Writing with out words....

    I'm bored... Chicago
  12. JeezMan


    yes sir. of course i play basketball, it would be wrong not to right? it would be nice to get a scholership for basketball in college...i'm only 16. friends says i will be size 17 once i turn 17, lol he might be right. and about those that you say your friend is about to sell you, are they size 16 too? because i have yet to find size 16 dunks...i'm desperately looking.
  13. JeezMan


    lol no, 6'6...still growing.
  14. JeezMan


    some shoes i got off of one of those sites i just listed, i forgot which one. i've had these for about 6 or 7 months now. I had to get them because they are the ONLY pair of size 16 air force 1's i've ever seen, and i've looked around for them a lot.
  15. JeezMan


    anyone know of some sites where i could order some + size kicks, like some dunks or af 1s. I've already used instyleshoes.com and pickyourshoes.com, lookin for some new sites.