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  1. I saw a picture of her in a t-shirt that read: MILF In Training
  2. Mine said it would release the wild woman in me...even if I'm a man??? :huh2:
  3. This just isn't right... love to his family and friends. R.I.P. Dept.
  4. the rain makes some of those flicks look dope...others, shitty.
  5. 2 cans = $10? thats kinda expensive...
  6. wow...can I borrow like $300? ^^^
  7. How do people get jobs as bouncers anyways? Do they go in for an interview like "yeah, im big and i can kick some ass". And since it seems like you know a bit about them, how is their salary?
  8. Some stuff about him.
  9. JeezMan


    yes sir. of course i play basketball, it would be wrong not to right? it would be nice to get a scholership for basketball in college...i'm only 16. friends says i will be size 17 once i turn 17, lol he might be right. and about those that you say your friend is about to sell you, are they size 16 too? because i have yet to find size 16 dunks...i'm desperately looking.
  10. JeezMan


    lol no, 6'6...still growing.
  11. JeezMan


    some shoes i got off of one of those sites i just listed, i forgot which one. i've had these for about 6 or 7 months now. I had to get them because they are the ONLY pair of size 16 air force 1's i've ever seen, and i've looked around for them a lot.
  12. JeezMan


    anyone know of some sites where i could order some + size kicks, like some dunks or af 1s. I've already used instyleshoes.com and pickyourshoes.com, lookin for some new sites.
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