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  1. Ive known his brother since ive known him. Me and rats used to paint back in the day when he wrote dzam. As far as people not doing any rip stuff, i dont really know why. I know he and reyes kinda stopped being homies when he started useing drugs. I have, however, seen some rip stuff in La that brail has done. I live in the valley, so i dont really get out to la that much. There might be some rip stuff being done in frisco, but i dont live there so i cant say. I dont know reyes that well, but we used to be homies back when he and brail were in a crew together called SM. Which is why sometimes people in LTS will write LTSM. regardless, thats all i know about it, which isnt much...which is why im asking other people on this post for information. I think is really dissrespectfull to get simantical over something like this, so ill end this post now. All i can say without a doubt is that hes gone, and i fucking miss him.
  2. By now im sure the word is out, but i thought i would post something in this section to let other people know. Anyone that knew him knows he was a good kid, up until he got caught up with drugs. He was in LA staying with his folks trying to get sober. one night while painting he was shot by gangsters. Its fucked up that the last part of his life revolved around drug addiction...I personally witnessed him go from a good person to an addict. But this isnt the place to look back on his weaknesses or flaws. Rest In Peace Ratas LTS 1977-2003
  3. I havent heard anything new about what happened in terms of specifics. The only reason I even belive that this is not some rumor is because his brother told me. Apperently the police arent saying anything until theyre done with their investigation...typical fucking cops. Some one dies, and still they cant just for once stray from "going by the book". Thats pretty much why I started this thread; his family, and myself, just want to know what the fuck happend. So, PLEASE if ANYONE knows ANYTHING at all about what happend, PLEASE speak up. If youve ever lost someone, you know meaningfull even the slightest bit of information can be. Again, thanks for your time.
  4. On Monday, November 17th, Ratas Lts AKA Bmxer was shot and killed doing a roller piece in Los Angeles. Apperently he was in LA visiting his folks. Although he wasnt the greatest of writers, he was a good kid who could hang with the best of them. If anyone knows any more about what happened, let me know.
  5. Graffiti in the San Fernando Valley has a weird history...if anyone remembers any stories or weird valley knowledge, lets here it.
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