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  1. menacer..

    uk wall flixs

  2. The Pit in west london, wednesday... I love YOUR CITY!! I need someone to show me where the Montana store is. or just tell me... Menace
  3. Can someone tell me WHERE THE LEGAL WALLS ARE IN NOTTIGHAM... I WENT TO GO LOOK AND I DIDNT SEE SHIT... This a a london flick... did it last wednesday... painting in Cambridgeshire tonight... Cheers, Menace
  4. YES. PAINT HAS BEEN BANNED IN CHICAGO FOR YEARS... you gotta go outside of the city for it. Its even illegal to be walking with it in possesion in bulk if your under 21, WACK RIGHT? But I'm in England now so no Worries.... I havent met any writers here... Im just gonna keep rollig solo I guess...
  5. "you sound like a gimp crossdresser..." Yeah too bad I'm Dmenace... and legend has it that Im the only menace that knows how to hold my head high without no one hanging from my nuts soooo... unless you got love for the game... ride the BENCH... I aint trying to interview u...
  6. menacer..

    uk wall flixs

    Whats up...? I just got in the UK... I'll be here for three years looking to paint. So does anyone know where the legalwalls in Nottingham or Cambridge are at. If so, email me artistfromabove@yahoo.com cheers in advance menace
  7. Aight.. since I cant find no one to map me out Nottinghams scene Can someone tell me where the Legal walls are located in the city..? Im saying Im trying to rep and meet some heads I thought it would be easy, but I guess I dont got the UK figured out yet.... email me the legal wall locations at artistfromabove@yahoo.com THaNKS in Advance menace
  8. It's not... but I havent painted enough and I am trying to get back in the game... I tagged for a while and got down with crews, was in a war or two, did my fillin's , but I'm getting more confident with style now so I'm here for suggestions... It's the biggest shit I've ever done I think.. I've painted characters off the lines in Chicago before... I took a break for a long ass while, Im just trying to get it back... Im trying to see whats up with London this weekend tho... Legal shit ya know... Im a litte spooked I aint ready to stand up to the BRITISH STANDARDS.... they dont do RUSTO out here...lmfao.... get at me nace
  9. Thanks sticks, just wish I could find some UK Brit writers to point me in the right direction... its hard being out here not knowing anyone... I'll find em tho... lol stay up to everybody... oh yeah "You Want to smoke with the ol' boi James, I offer you a truse, the stickiest of the ickiest.... " lmfao Dave Chappel...
  10. Word... the shit is huge... the highest point is maybe Seven feet ... (not to make no excuses... lmfao) and since there is fence a couple steps back... it was hard to flick str8 on... its illegal... I got this flick from the street and this was the closest to str8 on.... thank for the comments menace more flicks from me this week...
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