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  1. Bitch shit the fuck up! Motherfucker never should have gotten caught! You're cryin for him and He's cryin in jail witha BIG ass fine for his stupidity. So fuck you and fuck him.... Oh and I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania bitch, BRING IT fuckup!!!! :king: :mad: :king:
  2. muthafuckin PITTSBURGH Things are crushed here!NOONE gives a FUCK! bitches get up on ANYTHING!:king: :rolleyes: :king:
  3. bomb the system poecing and bombing... I like em both. But if I had to choose I would bomb and destroy everythink....:king: :crazy: :king:
  4. They have graff in oregon??? Well I can honestly say graff has taken over the world:king: :hatred: :king:
  5. BOMBING BOMBING and more BOMBING some tagging and rooftops. and the ocassional piece when I'm bored....:king: :hatred: :king:
  6. Re: Re: When is it coming out? Cool I'll leave it alone. Its really faded though...:king: :evil: :king:
  7. When is it coming out? Nace used to paint around here. There is still one piece runnin. Its really faded though. I'm thinking about redoing it. rest in peace NACE.:king: :evil: :king:
  8. Isn't that shit for model cars? reply Are they full sized cans?
  9. That song is in the charlies angels movie too. Check out the soundtrack to find out the name. other than that fuck charlies angels..:king:
  10. I'm new in this graff game.what do ya think? Be honestLoSeR'>
  11. not getting my shit 2 I used shopbelton and used a credit card and was charged for the paint. I didn't make any mistakes. I've been buying stuff online for years and have never had a problem...:king: :cool: :king: :mad:
  12. Has anyone else in the us or anywhere else NOT gotten thier order from BELTON? I ordered some paint from those motherfuckers 3 fucking months ago and STILL dont have my shit! Whats up? I thought they would be legit....:mad: :king:
  13. Shit How do ya post pics on this bitch???:mad:
  14. What s up? I'm new to the board and somewhat new to the graff game. Here is a throwie idea. give me some constructive criticism. what do ta all think?sinikthrow'>
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