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  1. i really dont think that shit is good at all, theres no letters, just squiggles and color, i mean come on graffiti is supposed to say something...at least you can color, work on your letters.
  2. RasekSeven


    99.9% of it is trash...
  3. yo whas good, me and my boy are comin thru to the bx for a week to see some fam and we're plannin on doin some paintin, being as i only kno the area where i stay i dont really kno any spots so if anybody's down to meet up and paint PM me and we'll talk, i stay on loring place near fordham kinda so if anyones down holla at me via PM or IM me at youngc183. well yeah good looks.-rasekrock rfloyalty 401
  4. I've decided I don't like you; just so you know... Quoted post [/b] i love how you hate someone you dont know anything about...im sorry im not kissing your ass because you have a thousand posts...to me you're just a sad person that has nothing better to do but bother someone they dont know, while you're on 12oz refreshing every 5 seconds so you dont miss a new post im out painting...i dont paint as much as i should be but i probably paint more than you...stop sweating me man...its a fuckin forum you dont like what i say dont read it...its my opinion and another opinion of mine i
  5. Are you fucking kidding? You act like you're seen or something... For fucks sake, you'll never get big enough that the two of you will be confused... [No Homo] Go play somewhere... Fuckin' handstyle on a freewall ass... Go home... MI-- BITCH SAY SOMETHING... Quoted post [/b] MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS...i didnt mention you in anyway so shut the fuck up, i think i made it obvious who i was talking to and i never said i was "big" i said i was better than him, but someone always has to be the AOL thug that they are and respond to everything all gangsta, nigga you d
  6. im pretty sure that didnt say premo and if it did it was already dissed...if he still has a problem with it oh well... :innocent:
  7. change ur name i write rasek and im better than you... :hatred:
  8. maybe because the pieces were done before last friday and on friday i rushed everything else and just scribbled together some sort of background and a fugly ass karak just to make the deadline...and still i couldnt find a digicam to flick it...if i would've known that the deadline was gonna be pushed back you couldve expected much better...but yeah Dr.goe did the handies on the bottom and i did the ones on the top right... yeah we're so toy...our handies suck but its just one of theose things we have to work on...and besides they look sexy with an NY Fat and some flat white lol...-Mr.Rasek:p
  9. i finally found someone with a digital camera....sorry about the lateness...and u can tell we poor dominicans have dead prismas... http://img68.exs.cx/img68/7606/flick.jpg'> ;)
  10. due to technical difficulties Dr.Goe and Rasekseven's entry cannot be up by tonight...but ill try to get it up first thing in the morning if its cool with all of you guys in the battle...
  11. Speck for Sombie...Names for Fuscia:crazy:
  12. this East Vs. West battles gonna be dope...finally something to do...lol oh by the way Dera for idle
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