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  1. that fuckin ways wall is hella hot
  2. ya gotta give big ups to lca, nako,dhun,rope above, bombin has been sick out this way, and there buners are off the hook now..........
  3. please tell me u don't write virus. one of the more respected writters has been writting virus since the 80's. AA crew, COD, fame city. he's rocked shit all over the world, including new york, with cats like cope, seen, wane dash, and on and on. there are some names thats shouldn't be reused, especially when the OG is still rockin shit. peace :clown2:
  4. bump for smash....sick shit. :yuck:
  5. everything falls apart..... leys see a battle with the word "thots", or "snot"
  6. 40pinS


    sick post biter definitely has numbers and lots a ains hitting the 604 recently. ji thought biter also repped etc crew.. could be wrong though wouldn't be the first time.....
  7. what the fuck..... who are u callin goof!!!!!!
  8. dego (queens) kaput cameo captain canada cosoe kwiz ghost fill kwest take5 snak lil Nervs
  9. nice post, jerms is always cool to catch.... ps hey lepo immmmmmaaaa watchin u sucka:D
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