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  1. did str8 edge kids claim swatches as their own personal fad?:confused:
  2. critic's. the dude says he's been sketching for a month and you guys rag on him?:rolleyes: what the hell is wrong with you people on this board? my best advice to you is to stay off these boards,and dont take anything these losers say to heart..and practice,practice a lot...
  3. found this one http://img7.photobucket.com./albums/v18/open_piehole/klevsour.jpg'>
  4. only a toy would do this... passaround books??:lol: just another way for toys to ask if you'll sign their blackbook...what has graffiti become>???
  5. i watched it,and it was pretty funny...how come lionel's daughter looks so white? is she adopted?


    ^unless you're a chick you shouldnt have to worry about the planning...
  7. it's all good man, if i were you i would stay away from them mean streets...:cool:
  8. i only drink GUINNESS... But back when i was young we drank COLT45 99 cent 32's....but now if i even smell that crap it makes me sick...:sick:
  9. if you're telling the truth... you have no reason to be walking around those neighborhoods, night or day..im surprised your ass hasnt been shot or robbed yet..i have friends in the 9th ward who would most definetly take your shit...thats why im having trouble believing you...those projects you're talking about are a lot worse then anything in the 9th ward..either your lying or your very fucking stupid..
  10. try someting new.. maybe LSD or SHROOMS..or CRACK or a WET DADDY or FERL.... BEING STR8 EDGE IS FOR LOSERS.....
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