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  1. Re: Re: no explanations needed who the fuck talks like this, are you some white suburban kid quoting an early '90's rap album? what a loser... I'm not the one on a fucking chatline bitching about my styles and techniques as a writer, whatever, go fucking paint something "oh hell no.... UR whiggity whack... and i not crying about anything... furthermore, i freestyle...i don't ponder for 30 min about what im gonna throw up on a wall.... it comes to me...just like freestyling rhymes, or skating....or.......u know.................................................
  2. no explanations needed sounds like someone is bitching to me... don't justify yourself to me, i don't care.
  3. Re: Re: i was always mothers favorite Baby I knew you loved me when the last time I saw you you wouldn't stop threatening to stab a knife in my throat. But alas, I am taken, I will marry your homegirl and we will have little graff babies and breakdancers who will take over the world with scribes, oil bars, and The Mexican playing in the background. Don't front, you can come, you'll even get to be the best man.
  4. Re: FOR ~KRYLON2~ she is the mother of my children...:lol: :lol:
  5. i was always mothers favorite when i was little my mom would have us kids take the first sip of beer to make sure it wasn't poisoned. that beer was usually a bud. now she is a crazy biker chick in aa and loves the lord and i am a smelly alcoholic who believes in nothing but beer and the graff hos.
  6. 2 is better then 1 i wonder if you had sex with two sisters how the babies would come out? and what would they be, uncle brothers?
  7. i love animals, they're delicious maybe you should just eat him.
  8. arktic


    was it just me or do i recall seeing a beaners thread on this shit?
  9. i wish this kid really existed, then we could be friends and bomb together forever. this is the kind of person who would jock you till the day they died, give you free paint, let you stay at their house and eat their food, let you call his mom "mom", fuck his girl and still want to drive you around and kick it.
  10. writers block? what the fuck, are we writing an epic saga or some shit? just go out and fucking bomb, hit up consecutive thows if that is all you can think of. don't sit there and bitch about how wak you feel and cry about it, chances are if your thinking about what you are going to paint in front of a wall with a can in your hand, your gonna get arrested. besides if you feel your THAT wak, just bite your shit, wak writers and biters are one in the same, you might as well be at least tight... no, wait, don't do that.
  11. arktic


    i like magazines especially if they have naked girls and graffiti... http://urbandesignz.com www.perfectgrenade.com/ www.workmens.com/category.cfm?Category=27 yeah, naked girls with graffiti...
  12. arktic


    i love ho's graff ho's. if your painting model cars try using acrylic or enamel paint with fine tip paint brushes. enamel paint has more chemicals in it, same as spraypaint, acrylic turns into plastic when dry or you could use laytex as well. paint brushes vary you got rounds, flats, brights and filberts. each are going to do different things, but if your adding detail, use small rounds. paint pens should work fine too, but you gotta make sure it is completely dry before trying to paint over it again or you'll end up messing you shit up, don't use sharpies ever.
  13. trains planes and automobiles i am so down for freights, anyone who paints trains knows what i am saying. as far as stencils go, they are of course apart of graff the same as wheat paste is, etch, roller paint, and graff ho's. if it destroys and gets you ups. and if you mean what i think you mean by burning walls, meaning burning LEGAL walls then that shit is NOT graff, that is on some "aerosol artist type, i am too scared to bomb cause either i have kids, no balls and/or no time to bomb" then no i do not respect that shit. it's pretty to look at, like a dumb girl but in the end there is
  14. Pars is a man, a little man, a man of diabolical genius. A man of punk rock gangsterism and plans to take over the world. Now that Pores person, I can't decide if its a boy or girl cause everytime I see this guy he's always trying to punk a girl. Does that make his girl a lesbian? Or is she hella dikeish and does that make him gay? Either way it is fresh to see graff couples. I need me a few graff ho's and I'll be all good. Any takers ladies?
  15. graff ho's wanna holla throw ups are tight. crushing is tight. one stroke throw ups are tighter. one stroke thow ups crushing an area of your city is even tighter. see where i am going with this one. anyways throw ups are an essential part of your graff diet, if your going to crush, your gonna need a throwie, a one stroke and a few graff ho's.
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