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  1. PSYCHODELIC ART is grock...he talks to much shit for an old dude that can break his hip at any moment
  2. sorry i dont get all excited when i see pretty colors and pointless extensions like everyone else
  3. yea the graff wasnt all that great......denz was hot mines some 3d that got cutoff and very few others arise piece last year was way better and those pieces everyones jocking at the begining of every page suck...well the letter forms but visually look good just my 2 sence ps. msk mayhem and dc5 would have made this scribble jam worth going
  4. prop gets no props...u wak and so is ur little friend wes...find something ur good at and give up graff
  5. the only writer that i see up from bad is loony. and its mostly tags i think i caught a fill or 2 in some hidden ass spot. how bout u post new flix....if there is anything new. cause everything u posted has aready been posted in the chitown thread like a year ago. ice SR (:
  6. ZORE he has maaaaaad whole carts and some of them are burners so he getsa plus for style
  7. iceman


    i got these bout 2 weeks ago thse shoes are even doper in person
  8. iceman


    its all bout the pumas...i got these 3 months ago
  9. never been on this thread but a battle sounds kinda fun...whos down
  10. ok maybe all u saw was that roller but if u would take more rides along eways u would probably see more stuff. im trying to talk shit but u just showing a shitload of sketches isnt really saying much....sure u say u got like 10 rolls of film but it only cost 6.99 to get a roll developed at walgreens homie not 12.
  11. damn no dissrespect forge but i wanna see some flix of the guys who are jocking you....cause you need a lot of work to do....laybeuh is probably the only one that is talking sense on this thread. he just said it in a pissed off mood but everything he said is true. u gotta give each letter their own room let the motha fuckers breatrhe. work on ur simple shit first cause thats where everything comes from. your "pieces" are garbage but im sure with time theyll be better. the only reason im commenting is cause u seem too sure that ur dope but ur really not....im not saying im dope either but stay humble, take ppls critiques and look at ur work see if they are right cause someone whos been in the game longer than u will be right.
  12. Re: the blue thing that azert if refering to0 force field sounds gay...its also known as an ora
  13. youve come a long way from that one nite in the winter.....shit was wak then but ur shit looks fresh now...do u have any flix of walls???
  14. i think its a wak idea but wouldnt mind checking it out to see how it is....and i wouldnt spend money on it i would rack it just like i rack my paint
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