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  1. i vote kise mos def for the soft battle
  2. damn... u trin to tell me he ALSO writes Zero and Yores??? once i figured he wrote gheist and fangs i wuz suprised. hez crazy who iznt he in ATL?
  3. yeh id battle u kise, but i dont know how ta post flicks..
  4. Meph1

    Character Post

    yeh i definetly like tha imdrunk piece. the character is dope also. keep puttin tha hoez on tha house -ghastly
  5. i vote enter. why didnt u color it amek?
  6. Meph1

    i need some zzz

    changed ur name mayb... but i thought this was about Ruze?
  7. yeah ill fill enter in on that,, we saw one of ur tags and he was like "damn...". he kinda writes somethin else too anyway. did you diss my meph also? haha i dont mind i didnt think for a second that it would last...
  8. did that UCM production go over tha Tork Gypsy? if so it also went over me and enter... i dont really care but tork might -Meph
  9. well me n my crew had this bridge we used to paint. these kids (not writers) that live on the tracks would line our productions. we never found em, so we never faught them. they actually defeated us because we ended up never painting there again..... so dont go over them with your throwies and tags. write somethin like "I love Jesus". or just do swirlies with pink. -meph goodluck
  10. although u may not care, the soler definetly has the letter skills, but i still love the parke color scheme
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