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  1. a PayPal donation page would be quick and easy for people to use... better than nothing
  2. eiresol.com


    Hilarious that you need to check if these are "cool"... make up your own mind! They either look/feel good to you or not
  3. Nah I don't use SoulSeek. Got it from a friend of a friend - not sure how it got leaked to be honest, but I just skipped through it and it's great quality. Gonna watch it over the weekend. I'll upload to some webspace/FTP if anyone wants to send the details -- info at eiresol dot com
  4. I've just got a leaked copy of the 1st new episode... if anyone has space where I can upload it I will - it's 280MB
  5. You'll get all the new episodes (within 24hours of them airing) on http://www.btefnet.net/ ...same goes for most popular US shows (24, Simpsons etc. etc.)
  6. indeeed. Quite a mission getting that done
  7. http://www.fotolog.net/hi_jein/?pid=8241476 Newcastle Metro
  8. always looking on the bright side ey Bodice?! I've gotta use the cliché "It is what you make it" line.... it's a national holiday therefore a day off.. from that point on it's there to be enjoyed. If you're unlucky enough to be caught up in the middle of the parade then I suppose it's your own fault, but watching it on telly has gotta be worse... fuck the RTE coverage, get out of the house! I saw a whole load of trouble in town last night, and one particularly nasty fight involving at least 15 people.. kicks to the face, pint glasses to the head... but all in the spirit of the occasion I'm sure :yuck: Certainly not "piss boring"... the sun even came out, in Ireland!
  9. now for the caption competition...
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