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  1. i don't know you, but everyone deserves a happy birthday. so happy birthday.
  2. OcToBeR

    favorite candy?

    oh shit. coming correct
  3. OcToBeR

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    that Reggeton jawn is hott...
  4. damn..i was shocked when my mum told me early today R.I.P but, i feel were seldoon is coming from
  5. OcToBeR


    yea i got two pairs from them....pretty good site...shoes are in good condition, and they arrive pretty fast...plus they have free shipping
  6. i was waiting for Bush to throw down his mic and say "iQUIT" cause he was getting mad burned
  7. friday- actually going on a date...let see how that goes...hopfully i don't become annoyed :yuck: i'm kinda nervous about this shit...
  8. see.. i'm with that bro, but i was quite shock to recieve, only a small sandal keychain, when my boyfriend at the time.. went to puerto rico...you have to really look to see where it says Puerto Rico on it...kinda looks like he found the damn thing on the airport floor.. a keychain is something you give to a co-worker or some shit...plus i never been there..and thats the only thing he could think of getting me. worst fuckin gift ever
  9. shiiit, i wish i could watch it. but unfortunately i have to work... but it would be some crazy shit...if kerry corrects bush on his vocabulary.....:lol:
  10. word* i was thinking, i hope all the young voters, and non-voters, vote this election...therefore together we can kick the senior citizen's asses ... that shit would be so cool:lol:
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