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  1. he was passing through my old town back in the day and it was my birthday. my parents got pizza for my friends and those guys. i didnt know them well but we painted that night. seems i always paint on my birthday. it was when mass appeal was in its first issue. they were touring around trying to sell it to shops. he was in a shady ass hotel and something funny happened where he was trying to get a condom cause he needed to get some play and he used this ghetto vending machine that said "sex items" he went to get a condom and it was cologne! it was classic. 16 vandals
  2. the dude say grey and josh bite noah? maybe a little bit, but really not very much at all. they dont do the same geometry at all. not remotely close. -22fillmore
  3. 1.trav is dope. and if his shit looks like geso (which it doesnt) its cause trav is his main crime partner. 2.as for deserving his own thread, I was glad to see it. and if i am glad to see it, and there are enough flicks to make a thread, then why not make one? i never knew you had to be "IN THE GAME A LONG TIME" to "DESERVE" a god damn thread on a website. you act like a thread devoted to you is a grammy award or something.
  4. revok is really dope. he is great and innovative all the same. BUT THE ONES WHO BITE HIS SHIT SO AWFUL ARE FUCK UPS AND DONT DESERVE TO PAINT.
  5. to me, this is worth about 1,800 freights.
  6. people are so into saying oker is taking it like NYC. but the nyc street guys were really good at tags and throwups. oker is good at pieces on trains. i would say those tags are suffering.
  7. 22fillmore


    Hush. Quoted post [/b] no you hush up nigger. you start doing graff after sabotage makes you a new ass motherfucka which means i will beat you up.
  8. i can say this about him...frieghts are easy to hit. and he is on the PVC stealing some style. i dont care if he is a big guy it aint stopping how he bit the fuck out my crew and me....specially that scribble wall and those cloud pieces that I MADE UP. fuck sigh fuck freighty cat ass niggas lets see some tags of his or something besides 'FRAID trains -sixteen
  9. 22fillmore


    germany..before i beat up that guy writing my name who jepsy placed above his piece.
  10. 22fillmore

    poppin tags...

    hooray!! the shitbag trend of sharp letters is OVER!!! compare these pieces to the first one posted on this thread?!! even people on FREIGHTS have finally got the idea!?! no doesnt that sharp one make you want to close your eyes. anyone who did that trendy skinny sharp letters that dont even got good forms is OVER WITH!! its going to be like mullets..it was cool for about 5 minutes, and the ones who rocked it, are embarrassed now!!! so gladd i was keeping the faith all the time! -sixteen years vandal.
  11. ill say this man. if you aint into graff and all that it entails, then get the fuck out of this stupid chat. i mean come on, if you stand there and let people diss you then i bet you paint walls thats legal and get gone over everything. legal wall toys are the same way in beef, THEY KEEP IT LEGAL! so fuck the legal "graffiti" and stick your fancy paint up your own ass bitch.
  12. ill tell you this right now. if you motherfuckers let people dis your graff and dont do anything.. you will never win nothing. you can only handle beef with violence. straight up. if you want to bring it to oker then you will need to try to beat his ass really badly. other than that? i think you wont win this. also, trying to bring some old NYC shit to london aint accurate because in OLD NYC, you were up against thousands of writers most of who were criminal more than just graff. seems this thing is about maybe 20 people tops. so don't compare.
  13. 22fillmore


    hey swatch. well really you are the one who came to sf and put up stickers with your name and address and phone number in it to meet people. so the real deal is where are your stickers? i dont do stickers cause i do graff. also, Roxy D. gave it up to me in sf..1994 Quoted post dude if your 16 and hold a grudge and talking about what i did in SF in 1994, that means that you were one down ass 6 year old, glad I have given you special memories to brag online about in your young life... you join the list of many who need to give their two cents on graff beef between people inlcuding myself who dont care about you keep holding it down in frisco Quoted post hey swatch. the best swatch piece was done by rens! and ill be in nyc in april and i hope we can square off. or should i go to the address you put on those stickers??
  14. you are idiots. 1. i am sure the story is bullshit. if he was using his resperator then how the fuck could he have left it? did he take it off and throw it down?! 2. in europe they do use DNA to get train painters (not frieghts you idiots) and they can get dna off a cigarette, or a bandana used to cover your face. so it doesnt matter if the dude had a cold or not. his dna is sure to be on that fucking mask. 3. america doesnt use DNA for graff (yet) and i am sure whatever he was painting wasn't a big deal if he had a fucking resperator and all that.
  15. this is cause for a celebration!! it looks like the plague that cursed LA in the late 1990's is ending! all the Spaghetti+Script+vomit styled pieces that you couldn't read and had no letter forms are officially ending. i mean even the ones who did that style are finally doing actual letters now. hooray hooray. now i wont cringe when i drive in LA and because i wont see anymore "pieces" that looks like the can exploded on the underpass. i knew all the hard work and getting teased by la heads cause my pieces weren't "sharp and violent like heavy metal" would pay off. thank god i never took part in that...
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