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  1. SYDNEY CATS KEEP YOUR FUCKING THREAD ALIVE!!!! has much steel been hit recently? or is shit pretty locked down? pce
  2. no the shime done in green with the lines is in melbourne at murembeena. next to a new can two and atom i was there the other day :lol:
  3. http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.js...storyid=1256700 check out this newspaper article on the 'milenium train' all you sydney cunts can you post pics? it was whole train E2E!! http://images.news.com.au/thedailytelegraph/1256847_vand.jpg'>
  4. oi micro where are you from? can u send us summa ur shit. i know 'some one' who writes micro.....
  5. just goto the page http://www.trenzhost.com/files/melburners/...pot(Sydney).jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ yeah i knew abit about the sydney scene but abit patchy. i love zombe and roske shit and ive seen abitta roms aswell. i saw a roms tag in my street on a powerbox... wondering if it was the sydney burner :lick: neway keep posten up the sydney steel - is fresh :king:
  6. mad talent sydney has some mad shit. good work. try and keep this thread up. i gota spot which is on a sydney train. i think... so yeh i will help out with ne shit i find. good to see stuff from all over aus neway sum1 keep in mind i come to sydney every now and then so i might call on a favour to show me around! http://www.trenzhost.com/files/melburners/spot(Sydney).jpg'> PS and 2 questions... how often do trains get trashed over there? whats it like? and does anyone know where spot is from? i seen him with mates from koc in route 666 keep it up - pce
  7. this place is in my old tony hawks game! hahaha
  8. yeah ok fair enough.... but i would like to point out one thing. this is a 4 page thread discussing and even showing flicks of etch. heat or no heat? :o
  9. whats the deal with etch. if you could answer these questions it would be helpfull... *edit*Don't discuss etch on 12oz, as it brings heat to the site. *edit*
  10. fucken awesome thread here. heres something from melbourne city! dorps http://www.whitey-ford.com/imagestore/dorpsHIGH.jpg'>
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