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Everything posted by knoxgraff

  1. HAhaha.. Hellll yeah. I looovvee the internet..:D
  2. That Glue wholecar is siick.. Do you have a copy of it you wouldn't mind trading? hit me up Knoxvillesgraffiti@yahoo.com
  3. I don't care if it's your first thread ever... you're lame.. :beat:
  4. I'm going to have to add my two cents... redundant but.. You Suck!.. and you're fired.
  5. knoxgraff


    I like that Sig ||.
  6. knoxgraff

    short post...

    That's great. Pfffffffft is my hero.
  7. Sorry... had to delete it for the mean time.. computers fried..
  8. Have you not learned how to resize yet?...
  9. knoxgraff


    I don't see shit...
  10. Looks like ah.... Lert/Sore.... small pictures....
  11. Mber. Sigh. Tars. Coupe. Siiick.
  12. sick, grifter sigh nace nice post
  13. :lol: i though maybe it was an alias of sighs....
  14. What is the 6th one down.. if you don't mind me asking... ?..
  15. knoxgraff


    ...Newbies piss me off.....:rolleyes:
  16. ... Don't know about you all... but I'd rather see nothing.:yuck:
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