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  1. Zeem


    Re: BLAH!! My good your good at this keep up the good work.:king:
  2. Zeem

    recent sketches

    okey thanks, ill try find. Any one knows a site were you can order? i live in europe, sweden.. so if yall know any good not too expensive markers let me know okey?
  3. Zeem

    recent sketches

    Well what kind ow markers is it?... I whant som tips on good Stuff to draw with.
  4. Zeem

    recent sketches

    Hey Fate I really edmire your work.. you really evolved in your works of art...Could you tell me what pencils you use?..I really whant to know Send info to my mail Shiftguru@hotmail.com i would really appreciate it Keep up the good work;) :p
  5. Re: smashing bumpkins Sofarok.. i need to know what pencils you use, where can i find them?
  6. well a picture would be good so i see the pencils in action little..or maby a picture of the pencil..
  7. Okay i need some tips of pencils to use..any tips? Tell me Pencil Name and show me a picture made with that pencil you name...And i need some good tips how to make my pieces Sharp.. how do i explain.. make them visual look very proffesional. I what them to look clean if you understand. Thanks
  8. I WHANT IT DUDE i really edmire his work key dude`?
  9. Zeem


    King ping Really nice:D King what Pencils do you use? Can you send me a msg with adress or something...atleast name on the penciles....and dude im from sweden just so you know k.o. well...msg me
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