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  1. <img src=bb1.jpg width=1333 height=858>
  2. that was :king: cast man...and his purple mop...and we do kill muni :lol: beasteam...haller back
  3. thank god we resigned JT Snow.:cool:
  4. just because he doesn't know how to spell that good doesn't mean shit cause i know and u know that u wouldn't step to him and its over if i see u on the streets.
  5. hey pirate if i knew u called me a nigger today at 17 i would have really mobbed your ass
  6. and um rackpaintyo, dont try to talk shit untill u cursh aout 4 to5 bus a week like me...i do more than that a week and bus hopping is not dead its alive and getting better every day. BITCH
  7. Also priate your still going to get your ass beat when i see u......i know what u look like too u fucking art fag bitch....and rackpaintyo u dont know who the fuck is running in this city so shout the fuck up.
  8. yeah whats up rackpaintyo i heard u got punked to day by cast bst and flack bst how did it fill and i heard cast and flack did it in front of hella people and they(the people) where chearing on cast and flack. Also i heard that flack was going to break yuor hand for writing B$T".......is it true? don't lie now cause you know it is true.:lol: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA......
  9. hey white boy get some money so we can get som cans:scowl: hey this white boy looks kinda funny WHAAAAMMMMMMMM:spent: :beat2:I was just trying to bomb man!
  10. diepig ur a fucking dumn ass..:lol:.........and abuse u bitch ass toy ur going to really get fucked up when i see u.....also i hear u had a little run in with 10SHN and a little talk with him, it wasn't all true. pirate
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