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  1. BA...High Jase Con Wild Daver
  2. Thanks for sharing...definately one of my top 5 fav. writers.
  3. He didn't go over the dude...that's the other side of the car
  4. Thanks for noticing....a brotha
  5. Gore B for those that don't know
  6. Ha...the thread isn't working right because I'm using Geocities...I probably used up too much space on the free site...anybody got a site I can upload to.....
  7. Hermdog


    that link doesn't work
  8. Nice work....some people would kill for that spot
  9. Nace Worms Drive Reke Fist Chisme Dever Buick Ghouls
  10. Hermdog


    Anybody have this one pre-buff?
  11. where's: skim, meeka, pause, debt, goreb, jib, jogs..to name a few?
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