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  1. Hermdog


    Coors Light makes me shit..plus it tastes nasty
  2. some good ones in here...you've gotta adjust your flash..the shadows in some of these are super heavy
  3. Re: I live next door to a whorehouse. What no photos? You can make money black mailing the perps
  4. Hermdog


    That guy Thus is doing things...glad to see you join the Kings of Steel
  5. Ironic death age...69..probably had a great life
  6. Hooters Chairman Brooks Found Dead The Associated Press Sunday, July 16, 2006; 10:20 PM MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- Robert Brooks, the chairman of Hooters of America Inc. who made a fortune selling chicken wings served by scantily clad waitresses, was found dead at his home Sunday, officials said. He was 69. It was unclear how Brooks died. The Horry County coroner's office told The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News that an autopsy would be performed Monday. Several calls to the coroner's office by The Associated Press went unanswered. Since opening its first store in Clearwater, Fla., in 1983, the chain has expanded across the U.S. and into more than a dozen countries ranging from Taiwan to Venezuela. Hooters has about 61 million annual visitors to its some 425 restaurants. Brooks, born on a tobacco farm outside Loris near Myrtle Beach, founded Eastern Foods Inc., which makes dressings and sauces, in 1966. With a group of Atlanta investors, Brooks bought expansion and franchise rights for the Hooters chain in 1984. He eventually bought majority control and became chairman. Local leaders remembered Brooks as a sharp businessman with a down-home flair who never forgot where he came from. "Whenever I saw him, the first question and usually the last question from him was, 'What can I do to help ya?'" said Brad Dean, president of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. He also shared his wealth, giving $2 million to Coastal Carolina University for its first football stadium, which was named Brooks Stadium in 2003.
  7. Hermdog


    Keep doing your thing Ichabod
  8. I feel ya.. my addiction is hurting because my pocket is hurting... when the house sells..hopefully I'll clear enough to make some moves..but until then I'll suffer.
  9. I've had 2 different FM modulators...don't buy the black ones. The sound is decent..you just have to raise the volume of your radio in your truck.
  10. Sure I own 2 houses...but I really don't own 2 houses. The bank owns them. I have my house on the market for over a month now...my new home settled so I moved in. I will have to pay two mortgages if I don't sell soon.... so to put it bluntly..I'm broke. I'm an example of a guy who busts his ass to get what he wants. I'm screwed due to the current housing market. And yes my ipod broke too...so I'm somewhat in a rut. A little peeved and irritable. Enough about that... Theo, I followed the steps you mentioned..and bam the warranty has expired. They want to charge $268 before they even look at it. I just may have to say fuck it..put it on ebay and try to buy something in replacement. Anybody have any other suggestions?
  11. Thanks for noticing a brotha
  12. Who do you send them to Theo? Mine's almost two years old, bought as a gift from Best Buy. No paperwork.
  13. I'm sorry to say it...but I was addicted to my ipod until recently. My 4th gen. 40g broke about a week ago. Beware, I had mine for about a year and six months. Now it suddenly died. Sure I dropped it a couple times, but it kept on playing on. Ever since I updated the software inside it started to go down hill. Whatever you do, don't update your ipod or the itunes software. The man's sticking it to ya. I went to apple store..they offered to fix it for $200 or give me another 40g for $200, and a 90 day guarntee that it'll work.....or I could have traded it in and got 10% off of a 60g (about $300). I shipped it to maqfix to see if it was fixable. Nope, harddrive is dead. I can get a new hard drive for guess what??? 200 bucks. I told them to ship it back. Now it's going on ebay as broken ipod. People actually buy broken ipods. So if you're interested in a broken ipod...I'll send you a link. Now I'm surfing for a new or revamped ipod on ebay. Unfortunatly, I'm broke because I own 2 homes now since my old home hasn't sold yet. Whoa is me...haha
  14. Hermdog


    I would say 2002..I've got an unbuffed shot...
  15. Thanks for noticing my Monday Blues
  16. Thanks for noticing a brother...never thought I'd see a TPIX layup
  17. Hermdog


    You're kidding right...do a google search. Don't even talk to me man...my photos make me world famous...you're mouth makes you locally famous..it's a shame cause you've got skills. I'm done here so don't even reply. :shakehead: :shakehead:
  18. Hermdog


    I thought I just saw a When burner on that blue wall....oh wait a minute, that wasn't him
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