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  1. North london crew been around for years- lone, preach etc
  2. that snor's mad fresh
  3. this might not go down too well and is probably better suited in another thread but considering North London contains some of the most colourful, original and interesting grafitti, why is that the magority of forums just post the same boring south london stuff where flexifit toys seem to come off a production line. im waiting to be barracked by people so fuck it.
  4. yeah its bangin- bring your berols and crayolas
  5. this website's like a fucking creche these days-thats why no one goes on here anymore
  6. R.I.P Peter Osgood if anyone cares
  7. from norf london ya get me ;)
  8. fairdinkum likes poo flavoured snacks- theyre his fave
  9. yeah nice flicks i can only imagine what they look like :huh2:
  10. looks like part of an oker panel above have you got the rest of the flick?
  11. every time brasse hed tries to do anything on this site, be it a comment or a photo it backfires against him- time for a name change methinks :haha:
  12. fresh flicks se london- bump for leet
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