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  1. just a few sketches, nuffin special just thought i'd stick 'em on bless http://www.senystar-esc.piczo.com http://www.escaperz.tk
  2. http://www.photodump.com/direct/4getfull/card1.jpg'> sorry if it comes out 2 big, aint relly sure how 2 use the image editor :o :confused:
  3. 4getfull

    DDS Crew London

    feeling this throwie :D :D :D type here.....that zombie looks like its at camden, but i aint 2 sure.... any1 else know where it is??
  4. http://www.leang.com/kam/scrapbk/renton_09_28_00/pics/octopus.jpg'> http://www.aardvarkarchie.com/pictures/images/bizarre/bizarre028.jpg'> http://www.hack.org/~helena/bilder/bizarre/mcbrain.jpg'> sum weird flicks i found while bored in college lol
  5. feeling those step2 sketches :cool:
  6. fuck knows wot append there, its on a groups msn site fing...... ne1 know how 2 get em 2 post on here:confused:
  7. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RAA4KTAVVupRCP8OSedjpRAJvOSYPp4db0Wk9hn9Oz!7rnDbjzmmHsqBA3L9e!PhmWnzaSfIZtSAQLVb2ifI0zFvdaHpOd82wO0glsVZ!3Y/kapahpanel.jpg'> kopah scrap panel, taken from youknoe.tk (if it loads up)
  8. 4getfull

    uk wall flixs

    that rome is crisp :cool: nice n simple
  9. u posted dat in another thread not 2 long ago didnt ya ;) :confused:
  10. well every time i've used it its dripped like a biatch!!! erika or vampire violet is the color 2 have :idea: :p
  11. aint u talkin bout da snorest lean over piece on that bridge :confused:
  12. word 2 that, last time i went there i asked 4 a light & dark purple n he gave me fuckin cherry & sum dirty brown....n wen i tried swappin em he wudnt let me bastard :hatred: cherry is 1 of the worst montana colors around :mad: neway bump 4 this thread atg=:king:
  13. bump..:king: where did those come from harry??
  14. now thats not very nice is it, woz no need 4 that http://www.jessysstuff.be/images/scans/Harry%20Potter/BB-harrypotter-012.jpg'> as im "ron weasley" then this must b me & u on our way 2 a yard :D http://www.egypty.com/tofola/images/abtal/harry%20potter/big/8.jpg'> scoping a yard.....hermione is knoe2 :lol: :lol:
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