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  1. 383

    Cartoon Riot.

    pakistan was created out of colonial borders created by the british to give muslims in india's north their own state. as with most tribal ethinc conflict in the post-colonial developing world it is a result of misunderstandings by the colinizers from when the colinizing first occured, same as in africa and in iraq. and yes the baathists in iraq did quell ethnic conflict with force. but that is what the US would love to do as well, unfourtunatly they can't do it, but they try. that just makes me wonder would you rather be ruled over by your neighbor or by some one from across the globe who dosn't speak your language and fucked up your house with bombings for 12 years before he came back to take control?
  2. 383

    Cartoon Riot.

    Is it legit for americans to kill arabs? and beyond that, arabs were not blowing each other in front of mosques every day till after the US invaded........so ? the civil war unfolding is the americans fault. oh I See you mean, arabs are babaric uncivilized "sand niggers" is that right? okman, take a look at the past this, is fucking unchaneled post colonial rage... just like in paris a couple months back. The west is just to ready to "get over it " but what they don't realize is that the people that grew up in the colonies are still alive. there is only one or two generations of post colonial children. the white man does not want the burden of the history of colony on his back but the wounds are still there.. it is not his decision to be done with it, the same as it is not white americas decision to decide that black people should be "over" the history of slavery segregation and racism.
  3. The Zapatistas are not pacifists they are a armed insurgent movment, and could be called terrorists if you wanted. also they are very religous and use it as a cornerstone of there movment. Most of the groups that you think are terrorists or religous extermists are thought of as that out of the west and its misunderstanding of islam.. just casue its alah and not jesus don't mean shit and just casue they speak arabic instead of spanish or some other colonial language don't mean shit either. and you know what, any resistance movment from pakistan to tunisa are just as valid as the zapatistas they do it out being poor and living under post colonial dictatorships that the west supports and they are cultral restistance gorups (being islamic reinforces this as it is part of arab culture) and are generally based in pan-arab ideas of the 60's and 70's and despite what you think from your computer seat are not "religious extremists" as the news has told you. They are however intent on toppling opressive regimes in places like saudi arabia and egypt, and this is highly problomatic for the west and there ideas of stablizing the region .... the only real difference that i see between groups such as the muslim brotherhood and the Zapatistas is that the zapatistas only want autonomy for the state of chiapas and not all af mexico, but that is understandable because the states in the middle east, and north africa were cut up by eroupe into states the size of say, Chiapas. and just so it is clear Bin Laden does not represent all arabs or resistence movments in the region.
  4. 383

    Cartoon Riot.

    yeah the only inocents that should get killed are arabs, and if your refering to dawood "some rich ass white kid from the suburbs" your way off.
  5. Yeah ...and arab people are of mixed phnotype(race); negroid, mongloid, and cacasoid ....and guess what buddy ... you got to be at least one of those, so you stink too.
  6. so the muslims are a "race" now... not a religon....hmmm so are they racist against the christian "race"?... or the buddhist "race"?...... or are they not a "race" , but just racist against some people? because that seems strange since islam encompasses people from all three of the phenotype groups (which is the closest thing to the false concept of "race") being negroid, mongloid and cacasoid. so since race dosn't exist and is just a fake ass concept from the enlightenment that was used to prove white eroupeans were supirior what do you mean?
  7. So the nazi's were down with saudis, moraccan, algerian, egyptians muslims, blacks, incas, aztecs and indians but not for the white jewish people livin in eroupe ... and even though half the fuckin arab world that were still living under colonial occupation were forced to fight against the nazis on the front lines in the middle east and the magrib by their colonial oppressors.......during all this, in egypt ,which was occupied by the british till 1942...20 years after it was granted "independence" ..... the muslim brotherhood under the noswe of the british where conspiring to get rid of the people that spoke semetic languages (Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, Hebrew, Maltese, Syriac, Tigrigna) with the nazi who were "ANTI SEMETIC" ....so these arabs were conspiring to rid the world of arabs and jewish people of middle eastern orging ..... This is what is being said in the article above. right. and by the way if your not refering to the language semetic means "Semitic peoples in modern and ancient historic times have covered a broad area bridging Africa, Western Asia and the Arabian Peninsula" not germany poland russia ect. .....ok ....and I do realize that arabs did help the nazi's when there colonial goverments were toppled by the nazis or when the nazi's threatened their existence like the french the polish ect. and for the record I am pretty shure that it is bullshit that nazis whould approve of gulf arabs and not european jews its bullshit ... and there is a certain amount of skin color issues .... there allways is, and the nazis killed alot of ethnic groups so why would arabs be exempt especially when the idea that the "Aryans originated in ancient Germany or Scandinavia " arabs are like three steps closer to china and black africa then even eastern eroupeans. ...I dont know ...this is kinda dumb that article is obvious bullshit..it aint even from a respected publication.
  8. What? So... he was put in power even though he was in power already? Sounds like a lot of power... So does Iran mean Aryan or not? I learned it did in Humanities class like 20 years ago so, there's a time factor and I'm not saying the teacher was right but he was a pretty hip guy... He said Persia was so named by the Europeans because of the laguage Pers... Kind of like calling Mexico 'Spanishy'... So, what's the story? Quoted post [/b] There you go .....I think I was trying to get at the fact that if hitler was killing jews whos skin is white.... I find It hard to belive that people who live in areas of the world were peoples skin tends to be brown whould be trying to de brown there own peoples. but I guess in india they do have skin lighting products...the result of years of colonialization and the enlightenment telling them Brown=savage. so .....It originally has to do with language and later came to be equated with people of eroupean ancestery. there you go not eroupean and if any only eastern eroupeans but through language not phenotype or race. And the shah was put into power while modern day Iran was a colony or protectorate of both russia and Britain and the coup is liked to britain and this astablished a heredity rule...the shah was an asshole the minute the iranian people got the chance they booted him ...
  9. Heh, in today's 'local news poll' this was the question: Is democracy desirable if it leads to the election of militant groups like Hamas? 63% Yes 37% No What? Really? 37% of people are no longer convinced that democracy is the answer? What? LOL
  10. <!--QuoteBegin-MAR@Jan 23 2006, 07:22 PM Im glad I read this not only because it was very enlightening but it explained my question of why turkey does not hate israel like most other arab countries. Quoted post In 1070 the land that is now turkey was invaded and seteled by the "turks" from modern day Iran...I just thought that whould be interesting to consider.
  11. image results for muslim brother hood on google egyptian and sudanese members so I am wondering if you think that these are the people beliving themselves to be the true aryan race ( I know you are talking about Iran but...) that loved hitler who was killing people who looked like... another google search for holocost survivors this I just think that your a little off.. I understand that there is a hate among arab peoples for actions by Israel against the palestinians which they see as the representation of jews in their land but I dont think that arabs or persians see themselves as the arayan race the way eroupeans do becase if you look on the ground the people are brown ......Oh yeah and the shah was put in to power by the British the Americans and the USSR when Iran got Independence in 1941(even though he was in power before)...So I am not sure if he is a good representation of Iran.
  12. A more accurate translation would be that Hamas believes that a "Palestinian state should contain all of British mandate Palestine, the pre 1947 boundaries of Palestine", which the British decided to give to the over 1 million European and American Zionists (not from Palestine) who migrated there after WWII between the years of 1948 and 1957. This would be on top of what is now called Israel(as of the last 58 years) but what was called Palestine going back to the bible.(Israel is the name of the land that god gives to the Jewish people when he returns and the pre bible term Israel refers to people not to land) The mistranslation by American and western media is obviously there to alienate Hamas in the western world. Not to say that Hamas is not a armed resistance organization, but they have every right to arms and defense as Israel does to say that they can have arms and nuclear weapons(which they do based of the American design) and deny the Palestinians the right for an army is hypocritical. It basically is eluding that people of a more European history, like the majority of people of Israel, are more civilized than the brown middle eastern savages who don't deserve a military because they need these colonial European groups to dominate them. That's bullshit. The Palestinians are the indigenous people to what is now Israel and they have every right to resist Israel and want the land that they were violently forced out of back. I understand that in the pre WWII era jewish people made up 10% of the population of coloinial Palestine but the majority of the Israeli people who imigrated have no historical conection to the land other than religion. They are made up mostly of american and eroupean jews. That was way to long...I am just ranting.
  13. 383

    Fallujah Massacre

    Its hard to listen to american officals talking about Iran tring to get nuclear energy( or weapons) when america is still using baned wepons. And yes I know america didn't sign the The United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons (which it should since we do alot of talk about how people should not have banned weapons) but that does not mean that the american gov. is not full of shit. What if Iran didn't sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, does that give them justification to make nuclear weapons. But they did sign it and that does give them the right to use nuclear energy. I guess what I am tring to say is that this video is real fucked up and america fights in a unfair way (indiscriminate bombings, chemical weapons, subjigation of the population, night vision, satilite guided bombs ect.) against a largly unequiped resistence which leads those who they fight to use unfair tactics(indiscriminate bombings).
  14. 383

    ~Paris Riots~

    I don't know if people have been considering this but its obvious that the kids in france rioting are from north or west africa and are not white. They are children and grandchildren of people whos countries were colonialized for half a century or more. That means those parents and grandparents lived the majority of their lives under occupation by white people and fought in revolutions and uprisings against the french colinization to get their countries back(that means it is fresh in their mind and the ones who lived under french occupation are still alive) . the french allowed lax imigration policies so the people that they screwed could have a betted chance unfortunatly that better chance was not that at all. The french just wanted them for cheap labor. and its not about religon its about culture and skin color not every fucking kid who has north african arab parents or every west african muslim is praying 5 times a day and goes to the mosq. shit prolly half the kids on this forum have little crosses around their necks and are based in christian shit but dont go to church so you gotta figure a certain amount of these french kids are prolly the same way. Its just hard for people from eroupe or america to understand what the world looks like from the other side. its another way the world is put together and not in the eroupean model of comparing everything to white enlightenment ideals looking at brown and black people as the "other" and thinking of them as savage.
  15. 383

    Paris Grime

    Zyed Benna was tunsian and Bouna Traore was Malian ....arab and black
  16. yeah .................fotango sucks
  17. what if that dude turns out to be a person ..........then you all would feel bad
  18. 383


    there is a civil war going on in sudan the rebels in the south the goverment in the north so the government kills the rebels and those who house and fasilitate them just like we do in iraq so basically by the american interpretation of internatinal law they are looking out for there national security...
  19. 383

    USA Guilty of War Crimes

    fucked up pictures of the war and first hand accounts http://www.thenausea.com/usa-iraq.html and one last thing it should be taken into account that the iraqi revolution that kicked out the british didn't happen till 1958 so you gatta understand that revolution is fresher in their mind and more of an option than it would be to us mainly north american people who don't have to live the 3rd world struggle
  20. 383

    USA Guilty of War Crimes

    YOU SHOULD EXPECT THEM TO LAY DOWN THEIR WEAPONS AND STOP KILLING OUR TROOPS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH TERRORISTS. THE MAJORITY OF IRAQIS WANT THEM OUT, AND THE ONLY RESAON WE ARE THERE IS FOR THE OIL, BUT WE ARE THERE AND WE NEED TO FINISH THE JOB. EVEN THOUGH IT IS GOING TO TAKE TEN PLUS YEARS TO DO IT. IM FOR ANYTHING THAT WILL PUT AN END TO THIS BULLSHIT. ITS UNFORTUNATE THAT INOCCENT PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED. BUT THESE SAME PEOPLE KNOW WHERE THE INSURGANTS ARE HIDDING AND SHOULD LET THE IRAQI POLICE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. THAT WAY THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE U.S. DROPPING RANDOM BOMBS ON THEIR HOODS. AND AS FAR AS YOU CATS BEING SURPRISED THAT THE U.S. IS USING NAPALM. YA NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THE U.S. DOES THE SAME SHIT THAT EVERY OTHER NATION DOES. ARE COUNTRY DOES EVIL SHIT . THEY ARE REAL GOOD ABOUT HIDDING IT. HOPFULLY YOU GUYS ALL VOTED. AND IF NOT THEN GET OF THE COMPUTER AND REGISTER. ON A FINAL NOTE, WHAT DO ANY OF YOU THINK THE ANSWERS ARE? WILL YOU BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE THE U.S. WHEN THE NEXT ATTACK TAKES OUT THE BUILDING YOU OR YOUR PEEPS IS IN!!! LIKE TALIB KWELI SAYS" NIGGA'S DIDN'T BECOME AMERICAN TILL NINE ELEVEN" Quoted post [/b] One persons terrorist is anothers freedom fighters.... If arabs and afrikans didn't use terrorism in the 50's against the occuppying collonial powers africa the middleeast and asia whould all still be collonies terrorism is the only ressponse to for a people that have no other option its the first step to revolution you can't get down on people for persuing there own freedom ...I mean isn't that what america said they were going into iraq for to let the people persue there own destiny... i mean it was bull shit but thats what the "terrorists" are doing... and saying that the iraq people don;t want them there is bull shit ... the numbers of forighn fighters there is fuckin tiny its just that its been told to you by the media so many times you belive it ... more then 80% of the people that have been arrested in iraq and are being held as insurgents are fukin iraqi ...the news just dosn't want americans to think that the insurgents are iraqi... and you know what even if they weren't pan arab nationalism will probablly unite outside arabs together with outraged iraqi people against a mainly white american occupying army that has killied over 100,000 iraqi civilians at the lowest totals as of 3 months ago.... bloods thicker than water boys oh yeah we all write prolly so don't we all pretend like were terrorists half the time anyway ??????????
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