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  1. anyone got any rcb crew shit? i remember feeling that on my visit to berlin...
  2. suckout

    uk wall flixs

  3. suckout

    uk wall flixs

    dmt by cels and disk foresthill south london for more flicks by dmt crew go to http://www.dmt.org.uk new update coming in the new year
  4. suckout

    Madrid train blast

    R.I.P all who died in the attacks. i saw a spanish graf tape the other day, and the train system must have been one of the most vulnerable in western europe, wholecars in stations, all that kind of shit, so im not surprised that the train system was chosen as a way to attack. first turkey then this. shits getting closer and closer to home. wont be long till theres an attack in London. i wonder how much support the iraq war has generated for terrorism.
  5. suckout

    uk wall flixs

    http://www.graphotism.com/galleryImages/GEHAD.jpg'> i dont think its that bad, i prefer it to them flat fill blocky ones.
  6. suckout

    uk wall flixs

    disk cels http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8843.jpg'>
  7. suckout

    uk wall flixs

    who does those characters? i saw some down brighton marina yesterday, shit looked good.
  8. i can't see the g in the ciste, but the R I and P look heavy. would look better with a 3d on it though. i vote for spellbound that panel peice is solid. any more votes for the demo vs cels vs mangoria battle?
  9. yeah we'll call it a draw. safe laters
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