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  1. Nr1985

    Memphis 2004

    scar legal 9 11 Tribute....Yuck Glad it got dissed
  2. Nr1985


    I was Gonna Say Fuck BUSH FUCK'Em.....But this Got my dick hard!!
  3. I want tight paint...Fuck rustos
  4. Nr1985

    Graff Girls

    this girl is hot....ive seen her!!
  5. Nr1985

    Graff Girls

    Re: Re: you all loved her so much... That Picture Gave me a boner!!! toobad she aint a blonde
  6. BaH!!! Original....This nigga is Far from Original....Theres Been a Frog dude in Richmond for Years...And this cats hat is a weak imitation.....
  7. Nr1985

    Graff Girls

    you might be right yeah i really dont check it often.. but check yours i just now got back to you Oh and tribe naw! cant even do it!
  8. Nr1985

    Graff Girls

    Aight dont tell me! that tribe girl doesnt look good...
  9. Nr1985

    Graff Girls

    where is elle from??
  10. alot of these "skills" sound pretty damn square!! i say Take what ever you can give back less
  11. ... i admit i was surprised when i herd kids buy paint...
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