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  1. "It'll only be a matter of time before it spreads to other cities;" thats been in other cities for so long its not even funny.
  2. this shits gettin really old man
  3. not a big deal Destruction :D Just looking for the other end of that CSX
  4. yo Destruction by Definition can you hook up a link to where you found that ags on the CSX in metal heads...I would like to see that thread.
  5. holy photoshop batman ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. fuck sprite, I am mos definately ripping that shit down if and when I see it.
  7. Your assumption is wrong. how you gonna disrespect WGS like that.....go jock some recycled bitten letters
  8. I think thats a Haiku ^^^^ or maybe I'm just higher then you
  9. sweet, thanks for postin a little yukon jack, usually just the "famous" get posted, yanahmean?
  10. thats what i was thinking with all the slightly crooked pics :lol:
  11. so tell me, what above is that bad that you would "waste ur energy" to type this little paragraph???? I am just curious....please name names
  12. here ya go, its just a little guy, but the shadow made it look like a 4 foot lung breaker....:lol: :lol: :lol: http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/bongg.jpg'>
  13. http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/mers.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/serem.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/split.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/super.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/thai/voice.jpg'>
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