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  1. what really does work for me and like others have said is do a physical activity. the physical activity is important b/c it lets you burn off steam, get your blood flowing (which is great b/c fuck sitting at a computer 8 hours a day catching a monitor tan), and get your endorphines up.


    but i'd be lying if i wasn't being a full blown hypocrite saying that right now. i was gonna chime in here with solid advice, but fuckit.. i changed jobs a bit ago, and i'm in a rut also. waking up at 5-515am everyday fucking sucks. all i wanna do after work is eat, watch a movie, and sleep. at least i'm on a 9-80 split, so i get every other friday off.


    i need to go skate more.

  2. i've once taken my car to carmax to get it appraised, and i'd say the quote was pretty fair. the experience there is pretty smooth, but i never heard of lemons being sold.


    also, i think carfax's are bullshit. when i took said car to carmax for a quote, they pulled up the carfax and it was all clean...didn't show anything regarding a past accident when an H2 hummer smashed the rear...on the flip side though, the dude inspecting my car knew right away it had previous damage.. he ran his hand on the underside of the body in the trunk, and felt welds that shouldn't of been there


    i rather just buy private...find one that you seem to like, get it checked out by a mechanic, look for receipts and past invoices for service, etc.


    on another note, my father used this recently:




    worked out really good for him, and got an unbelievable price for a new car

  3. 91 accord


    It'll just be a commuter, but I want it to look good. Possibly be able to sell it for more after putting some $ into it.


    I figured it mattered just wasn't sure how much. For diving around the city I know I dont need the top of the line though


    if its a commuter i'd leave the suspension alone. it'll net more money when u decide to sell it. if anything, spend that money on maintenance, fixing any worn out exterior items, shit like that

  4. since when are there "armed security guards" posted up at "internet" cafes?


    lol at stupid nurga barely making it through the door in the first place. lol.


    i've seen kids get knifed and guns pulled at pc cafes lol tons of heat and UO's trying to fit in wearing their damn philly's blunt t-shirts like 10 years ago haha. doesn't suprise me



  5. Living in Brooklyn at the time, my neighbor's kid saw a Mexican guy with a shaved head and pony tail knocking on my door trying to get in. I'm not Mexican and I don't hang out with Mexican guys with shaved heads and pony tails, and the kid admittedly told me that the guy looked like a shady Mexican with a shaved head and a pony tail trying to break into my apartment, and she did nothing. I think she mentioned it to her dad, who did nothing as well.


    Well, the Mexican guy with a shaved head and pony tail robbed my apartment of all the nice electronics.


    Renters insurance paid for it, plus I claimed a grip of other things that weren't stolen, so I got over a little bit.


    Lesson learned, neighbors aren't obligated to do shit when you're getting robbed, I got better locks.


    Extra special FUCK YOU to Brooklyn's finest for laughing at me for getting burgularized.


    are u sure it wasn't a chinese dude, rather than a mexican dude?


    asians have been known to kick-DOH 'round these parts too



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