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  1. subcon

    blah blah

    Holy shit! you guys must have bigger halo's than Jesus himself! Shit, even he smoked da buddha! But it's aight, believe in you own selfrightousness, He who casts the first stone...
  2. funny how ya'll can talk about shit like: the desire to smell another individuals asshole, asking your fellow registered users for links to sites containing pictures of minor girls from the age of 15 and DOWN, posting pictures of naked females/hoes in somewhat obscene poses/situations, posting pictures containing another subject with, wich everybody is aware of, is against the law,(although it shouldn't be since it is one of the most fascinating,inspiriring, beautiful,decorating-in an otherswise grey,uninspirational and meaningless world-and most expressive genres in the whole world and philosophy of art), nomatter what nation on this great planet you are from(!). But you can not lower yourself or your over rated pride to talk about the subject of a gift, given to the people, from mother nature;cannabis ? Then I am gonna be so free as to state the following: Ya'll is some tight ass narrowminded, twotime demoralized, enviromental isolated/damaged, high class society stuck up in your jack&jones-too tight in the ass-jeans, internet living-the closest thing i have been to the real world for 6 months was when you became aware of your own body odour- plagiat of a sorry ass fake motherfucker! And if that's wrong, please ban me from this message board, cause then I dont relly wanna be a part of it->bitch! Ohh, and sorry if there has been too many type-o's or grammatical mistakes, my english isn't that good, I not from America!
  3. Chill I was refering to, this is a great place, just saw some cool pictures aight!
  4. Am I the only one high right now?
  5. hehe I hear ya Bozack..... Damn
  6. subcon

    new girl...

    Yo, what you need to do, is the "Fernando" move. After 15 min. with her, grab her ass, if she hit you, she wasn't gonna put out at all! If she smiles at you: you know you gonna tap that ass!
  7. aight, so thats how it's going down, gonna be checking out alot of threads then, till I cant hold any longer too. thanks yall 'preciate it
  8. aint trying to make it some U.S vs Europe battle, just wanted to hear how it went down, aight. Just registered as a member, so haven't read all the threads, theres alot of shit inhere you know!
  9. I've been told (by an American), its quite difficult doing trains in the U.S, too much security, so ya'll mostly do scrab trains... A friend of mine said, they shouldn't be complaining, the europeans has it just as difficult, and we still hit trains hard.. Wondering what other U.S's has to say, and europeans aswell....
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