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  1. is this by Burgess Park astroturf pitch? Also is that Moon by Swarm yes and yes.
  2. calm yourself facelift those aint writers theyre squatters u fool, the writers face is covered. but your right that shit with the throwup was wack i put it up cos its a nice action flik. its funny how you say that shit was bitten when i made it up myself and have never heard of "UFO"/"NECKFACE but thats how graf goes shit looks similar and ignorant ones are quick to jump up and beef.
  3. moonhead more throwups http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7742.jpg'> devo swarm pils copie
  4. moonhead am i going nuts or did an extra style just appear on your sketch? anyway i admit defeat. well have to have a rematch some time. safe
  5. moonhead http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7707.jpg'> i came up with this but i dont know the A's a bit suspect.
  6. defeat by swarm http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7706.jpg'> defeat by paid http://www.boominent.com/defeat2.jpg'> nice. youve got my vote for letter forms. okay lets have some votes
  7. moonhead http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7706.jpg'> nice sketch paid, that was quick too. heres my biro sketch. i did it quick with no pencils so it looks a bit funny. the letters overlap and the T looks gay. now you do a biro sketch and ill do a colour one...
  8. in the uk we call ball point pens biros i cant tell if your dont want to use biros or if it was just the language barrier, but ive just finished a defeat sketch this sec so ill post as soon as someone says theyre up for it. paid are you still on? one sec we could do a next word or post if your want to try a defeat.
  9. shall we have a 3 way battle? the words defeat. biros only and its between me (moonhead) paid and onesecondple. say something if your up for it.
  10. moonhead plus seeing as i only got about five dried out colour pens we could make it a biro battle?
  11. moonhead ok sunday deadline but im gonna try get it done tonight, and im gonna post it once im done. gotta choose a word though. i thought of them so you pick "syntax" or "defeat".
  12. okey dokey hows "defeat" sound? or "syntax"?
  13. who wants it? any one up for a battle? ive got limited pens so outlines or 2 or three colours would be good.
  14. moonhead


    loving the neas S from tes.. what are you chatting about?
  15. london flicks http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7683.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7686.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7685.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7684.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7682.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7677.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7659.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7661.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7696.jpg'> http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/7679.jpg'> this ones old kent road (london uk) about lunch time
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