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  1. People who I owe stickers to.. I'm doing This' stickers as of the moment.. and then Park's stickers.. and then Face's... Bob's shit should be sent out by Monday This' shit should be sent out by tuesday.. just would like to clear this up. peace!
  2. 65101r612


    CEITO! Did you mean Ewok.Com? Cuz if so, I bet he'd be happy if he got Both Ewoks to hit it up if he was to pass it to me..
  3. What's up on the trading tip Paras? :) down to trade? hit me up on AIM..
  4. Re: sneak peak for solar and sey... ohhh shiitt.. :king: :D :) :cool:
  5. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid101/p42172d0a4b8c533b3c37eb6621cc242a/f9db7723.jpg'> Image: Dans, Mikes, and a transplant surgery between Bob and Dan.. For: Bob's Dad Emos Sorry about that Propaganda...
  6. it said soler put those up where's my props!? ..bitch ;)
  7. ^^ i'm dowwwwn, and I got the flick of the sign collabo I did with me, Bob, Slowpoke and Ceito.. Credit to mona for hosting them..
  8. hit me up, i got plennnttyyy, including walls if you're interested, seeing as i'm from the Twin Cities and all.. he even hit my blackbook up after my first month of ever writing :) so hit me up, peace.
  9. i'm pretty sure it was done on the computer..
  10. try losing the attitude and listening to what these people are saying. Cuz this is ALOT better than getting punked in your city for your paint and shit. Here are my 3 steps.. Handstyle Throw 2D piece.. simple is always better. any nice, clean, strong letter structured piece will burn any whack, weak, no letter-wanna be wild style. even a fucking well-done bubble could burn a whack ass, thing, with no structure... but that's just me, i'm toyer than they get :cool:
  11. There's already a well established writer who goes by Ears of the ET crew outta the twin cities.. so my respect for you went dowwnn..
  12. I'm back..After some deep troubles I got into, i'm back.. i lost all my old shit, but I got new shit for the holidays and such.. so people I owe stickers to, hit me up, my list right now is Bob'sDaddy, Mona, Res, Hecz, Klue anymore, hit me up, peace! -Soler
  13. I'm back! after a little trouble, i'm back, i got a couple flicks, i'll take more once I get the time.. And anyone I owe stickers to, hit me up.. i'm pretty sure it goes Bob, Mona, Res and Hecz.. anymore, hit me up, here goes Slowpoke, Downtown St. Paul World Trade Center Pimpin'! http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid97/p5e20275facf75320955763473bcb271e/fa0712f1.jpg'> And Bob, main street pimpin' http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid97/p4705f9e365bb2811efd4d95224a7ba72/fa0712ed.jpg'> More flicks of Ceito, Slowpoke, Bob, Dan and Mike will be coming, just give me some time to get my shit straight again..
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