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  1. thehermit


    Not in this day and age lol. Unreadable means quality to many.
  2. Anybody else loving those arrows and cracks as much as I am? That's all for me tonight, I can't take scrolling down to see what else is in store for me with the other posts on this screen. Bumping this one for the two who have gone unmentioned(wow, what a surprise)....KEPT and the KET DTK throwup.
  3. I was only able to save right click save 2 of these images. That's not saying much about your photography skills and or subject matter you chose to shoot. You wouldn't by chance be drinking and taking flix now would ya?
  4. thehermit


    "if anyone can help me out with these..itd be appreciated for cataloging purposes " I can help you out. Throw 26 of these images into the trash can.
  5. Good thing you had that CRISPY and CURVE in here.
  6. thehermit

    Mucho Mas

    Mr. Clout I'm glad you only grace this God forsaken place with your presence every so often. All quality as usual. Unfortunatly, as you and I both know this post will soon be forgotten for you did not post any of the garbage that we've grown accustomed to here. It's cars like this that give a breath of fresh air to a dying scene infiltrated by no style phoney bologna's....and how many years ago were these done? LOL. Drifting on a Memory(POR VIDA)
  7. Cheers to a statement like that.
  8. Courtesy of a search. Pic by Opie'm Zed please address that stack of wackness to MadClout with a special message from me. "WITH LOTS OF LOVE, THE HERMIT". Or post that basura here so I can get a kick out of all those positive comments and props that are left by those who actually think that kind of dookie is worth looking at. I get my kicks out of that type of stuff. You know that as I know you do as well.
  9. Send them to MadClout. We know he just loves those types of pics.
  10. LOL, THE FORMER beat me to it. LOL. Who has that UPFE for me to steal?
  11. ZED ZED ZED, you should know by now. It's rare that I'm wrong. Not that I have a picture of it but I know someone out there reading this we'll have a nice image of it that we'll be able to RIGHT CLICK SAVE on. Black box side to the left was EWOK and to the right was MUCH(or was it MBER?). Pretty sure it was MUCH. Helmets in the middle. THE HERMIT RCS online 1998-
  12. thehermit

    Hot N Cold

    Re: mas Mad Clout knows what it's all about. THE HERMIT RCS Gang online 1998-
  13. ZED, I believe that was done on either a RBOX or an UPFE if memory serves me correctly. I'm leaning towards the UPFE though. THE HERMIT RCS online 1998-
  14. Thought I'd drop in to get some laughs. This site never fails to entertain. Is this a flyer printed on card stock? Gotta love that line under Rules "they also have the chance to won one off many prices" THE HERMIT
  15. West Coast Originators? Originators of what? Sorry, this is just a real bad post. Art fag shots and a fruit in a speedo. Something is really wrong. Would of been great if the only tag on that car was ZEPHYR. Anybody else catch that
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