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  1. this shit is late as hell Douchebags ...but still funny as fuck.
  2. just an outline ive been working on...i need to make some minor adjustment making the letters more proportional, then coming up with a color scheme, shadow, and fucking with some extensions...comments welcome.. ill post the finished version
  3. I bet Bush will have relief down there within hours, compared to days, since a hurricane is about to rip through the ranch down in good ol' Texas. godspeed and godbless.
  4. basically anything from Forrest Gump
  5. this whole page is fire...bump
  6. all fresh, keep this coming... pun intended :D
  7. Element 518


    i used to live in the bronx,go deep on 138th, there's a cuchifritos joint down there, about two stores up from some shoe place, that shit hits the spot every time, mad cheap, then go across the street to the bakery and cop some flakey strawberry filled pastry, i forget wtf theyre called.
  8. ^^ the character squashed that deal for me ;)
  9. Element 518


    ^^^ work with that N....it looks like a P
  10. Damn...We all just got god bless
  11. Rest In Peace condolences to those who knew him, he is in a better place now, watching over us all.
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