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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco bump for my boy TETRA fuckin runnin shit fuck yea stay up yung killa!!
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco jeloe
  4. YOU SAID TOO MUCH ALLREADY.... SHUT UP AND HIDE BEHIND YOUR SCREEN PUSSY... :haha: :shook: Quoted post [/b] yea man, thats the way it should be!
  5. this is the last thing im gonna say on the matter. im never checkin my messages again and you can all suck it. ero, or who ever the fuck you are: youre a chump, face it. your shit sucks, and i never snitched you out. its completely apparent what you write cause its up their in every fuckin post you make. their are no rules to 12oz and i dont have to tell you shit! id be as stupid as you are, and i aint about to do that cause you are really stupid. so good luck in all of your indevours. dont try to contact me cause i dont give a fuck and ill never tell you shit. id have to have some crazy identity problems to be worried about if you though i was a man or not! i for one have better shit to do than be an internet thug in denial, so peace
  6. yea well, i aint a snitch. cause i dont know you for shit. everything i know about you is from 12oz and i learned it all. its all here for everyone to see, i aint saying anything new. look bro, youre just an old ass loser talking shit on the internet. and your graff sucks. cookie cutter ass name with no style to back it up! you must be at least 30 if your saying youve been writing for 18 years. now i just feel bad for you dude...
  7. shut up, your a straight up toy! your screen name is your tag, and you used to have your other tag name on all of your photos! thats real smart, dystur! you told us all about your court case and on top of the info you gave us about what you write you are the laughing stock of the cities finest. at least the police and writers agree that your a dumbass if only on that. no love
  8. RAIDER NATION! Quoted post [/b] that doesnt apply to you
  9. im feelin all that nirvana love!
  10. shhhhhhhh toy ass internet self promoters just end up looking worse. all your pictures are in the richmond, so why are you talking about the fillmore? i guess you can say anything from "behind a screen" :haha: :haha:
  11. i was just making the connection with your account name (holden caulfield), and your comment of pure angst (fuck you). just found it somewhat ironic.
  12. you really do live up to your namesake. go be misunderstood somewhere else...
  13. its giant over kept, check the kil thread, same with kyt - and giant probably has his own too.
  14. thats kerse btm, not the fake kersr...
  15. yea right ass hole, go back to oakland
  16. kyle


    well, then it looks like your a DUMBASS psycic, dumbass
  17. kyle


    im on the phone with kron king at the moment, so take a chill pill
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