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  1. best thing to do is go to where ever you bought the oils from and ask the poeple there about other products, you can get a ton of different things to stretch your paint, make it dry fast ... something i use is called damar solution, mixed wtih paint thinner and linseed oil.. it help with stretching your paint and also as a sort of sealer when your done... makes it nice a shiny!. other than that its all about experimenting.. its basically the same as any paitng accept its dries very slow... good luck..
  2. as far as oils vs acrylic.. its really up to the person.. and what you are painting.. sometimes acrylic's plastic look might work best for you.. or the flexibility of oils mgiht. If you want your acrylics to dry slower so you can blend more, theres a product called redarder.. it slows the drying process.. But i think you need to try both, oils can ofer alot more and a tube of oil last much longer than a tube of acrylic..
  3. new to photography.. would love some feedback
  4. 6ft X5ft (2 parts) canvas... oils... feedback welcome
  5. this was a live model painting that i did at uni where i had to match exact skin tone and dress color, evertyhing else was up to me... id appreciate some feedback on the painting in general as im not satified with it yet.. the end
  6. some random stuff ive done recently... feedback and constructive crit is welcomed..cuz thats why im posting.. maybe learn something and improve.. the end this was meant to be a hybrid of bush and kerry... didnt really work out the end..
  7. seeking... i noticed your into textured painting.. i think.. right? have you ever tried ummm. calcium something.. i forget what its called exactly.. put its in a powder .. stuff is dope..
  8. seeking... appreciate the feedback.. its good to hear some honest crit from people who know what they talk about.. are you an art student? anyways.. i got some other work.. just some recent stuff done these past few months.. all of its from my first year 2d studies class.. feedback appreciated again.. did this for my boyfriend.. its kurt cobain if u cant tell some textural shit... drips are kinda gay.. but they are really shiny in person.. and i like ionno... non stretched canvas.. this was a joke.. but i think the llama and goats and what not are hilarious.. so i like something 3d.. but its still a canvas.. it was for some local show of wearable art..
  9. seeking, thanks for the feedback .. i really appreciate it as far as telling what it is about exactly would defeat the purpose.. for me at least.. what i like about it is that people come up to me and tell me the story they;ve made up between the characters. and thats really interesting to me.. because all art no matter what is all subjective.. everyone sees everything differently.. but i will tell you what it is... maybe you'll like it more if u know?.. the two kissing dudes are the leaders of east and west berlin.. and thats a famous "brotherly kiss" between them before the wall was taking down.. the other character is a character whcih i saw on parts of parts of the berlin wall that are still standing.. hope that helps.. the background is just dripped arcylic paint..
  10. id really appreciate some feedback, especially from seeking. who knows what hes talking about oh.. and this is no gay shit.. theres a story behind it..
  11. shit.... thanks so much... i know if i would have spent more time on this.. and had real paint brushes it would have been better... but i only spent 2 hours and had 1 shitty brush... i have alot more canvas work.. but i cant get it on my com[puter... but i would love to... cuz that crit was very helpful.. thanks
  12. edit.... im lookin for some crit.... constructive crit.... alot of people dont wanna give critism of my work.. just cuz im a girl , they dont think i can take it... but please do.. i need some...
  13. http://www.mikeblakeslee.com/images/be_h1phop.JPG'> done for my friend ... shes a nas fan ... canvas board ... looking for some REAL crit.
  14. http://www.mikeblakeslee.com/images/be_h1phop.JPG'> hope that worked.. im computerly challenged... canvas painting done for a friend..
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