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  1. square

    Character Post

    you seem to have focused way too much on making the breasts/ass look good without keeping proportion in mind. in some places the shading almost seems random (esp. your first, fourth, and sixth ones) and doesnt make much sense. if you drew those from photographs, you need to slow down and actually look at the different values and make sure everything is in the right place.
  2. square

    character battle

    pretty much every character here except lust's are mediocre at best??
  3. square

    The creative, the weird, and the fucked up

    hey, i have that same mini pool table.......
  4. square

    strangly amusing

    i love the fiending voice that says "must have more!" when you click to get a fresh sheet.
  5. square

    Character Post

    about 2/3 of the shit on here is really shit, but there are some gems.
  6. square

    The creative, the weird, and the fucked up

    ADD isnt even a real disease, and it being "diagnosed" can really fuck a person up. Teachers in some places will tell parents they need to get their children on medication that will make them much worse off in the long run. TEACHERS mind you, not doctors. people who have "attention deficit disorder" are just people who don't have the willpower to force themselves to pay attention to things for very long. i'm one of them, but im not trying to blame it on some condition or whatnot. it's just how i am...and im sure smoking a lot of weed has something to do with it, unfortunately. and theres a fine line between people who truly are ingenius but misunderstood/not understood at all, and people full of shit who SAY the reason they dont succeed is because they are "too deep" or "too advanced" or "too original/different" for people to deal with. these people actually just suck and are unable to admit it to themselves.
  7. square

    Roadside bombs

    but the american/european troops there are so courageous for using tanks/hummers/helicopters/extremely expensive equipment on militiamen?
  8. square

    this is just wrong on so many different levels

    that has got to be an inside joke or something........ no fucking way they made all those sexual references by accident.
  9. square

    Lens' Big Contest

    man, y'all just arent nerdy enough. Darth Vader's super star destroyer is called the Executor
  10. hahahahahah guys taken too many chemical drugs in his time. awesome.
  11. square

    Asking Chicks to Prom?

    bahahahahahah mad mad drama. pay someone to pretend to assault her, then you pretend to save her. arnold status. but really the best possible scenario would go something like this you: hey uh...do you have a vagina? her: what? yes... you: wanna go to prom with me then?!? her: - do i even need to finish?
  12. square

    Hitting it raw...

    truer words were never spoken. having the chance to learn from somebody else's experience is invaluable, good input.
  13. square

    3 beer buzzzz

    when you're low on funds, its all about the $2.00 (cdn) tallboys (500ml) of Faxe or Crest (10%)
  14. square

    Hitting it raw...

    please tell me you're not putting em on with air in the tip, or a size too big :lol: cause seriously, 4 out of 5 condoms do not break, ever. there's a difference between being a grown man and being a smart one.
  15. terrible they did garfield up, then got lazy and used a real dog....:rolleyes:
  16. square

    Hitting it raw...

    some girls (around my age, 17-18, mostly it seems) react badly to it. like uncontrollable mood swings. my girl worked for the local teen sex info/help line, and apparently some girls were bleeding WAY too much off the pill. i dont really think its safe physically to be on it steady for 10+ years as some women do. i'd rather suffer the condoms than risk the health of a girl i care about.
  17. square

    Hitting it raw...

    condoms generally break when you don't put them on properly. you have to pinch ALL the air out of the little bit at the end as you're putting it on. sex without a condom is about 10x better than wrapping it up. the trick is to be with a girl you're serious about and trust (that shit has to be mutual). The pill does fucked up things to a girl if she's on it for too long nonstop. EXTREME mood swings, unhealthily long periods, and a few more things that probably dont even come close to what its doing to her body's hormones and reproductive system (essentially her body thinks she is pregnant 3 out of 4 weeks a month...no science needed to tell you thats gonna fuck something up). besides that, even in case of an emergency and you blew your load in her, she can take the ECP pill up to 48 hours after the fact. I dont know about in the US, but in Canada there are walk-in clinics everywhere that will give you the pill no questions asked (well, they ask questions but are not allowed to refuse you unless there is a medical reason) for $12 ($6 or $7 for the cheaper version, which is 10% less likely to work and will make her feel sick). but uh...pulling out should never be a problem unless shes on top. and only idiots will ever have "casual" sex unprotected.
  18. i do? not in my real e-mail...and not on this site. :confused: i will now walk around in circles until this situation is fixed
  19. you mean the team that got shut out 3-0 by NASHVILLE? come on...almost started to look like last year's disaster. but i guess you detroit fans have purged that from your collective memories. belfour > cujo + legace IN THE SAME NET
  20. square

    What Book Are You Reading? Pt. 11

    Just finished The Stone Angel - Margaret Laurence (for school...there could not possibly be a more depressing, boring book out there) and Barney's Version - Mordecai Richler (for myself, Richler never wrote a bad page in his life) any good suggestions for the next one?
  21. square

    Mobb Deep - Amerikaz Nightmare

    wu tang and the wufam only "fell off" because its just not possible to match what they did back when they could not write a bad verse. and even then...they've only stopped putting out hot shit if you've stopped looking for it.
  22. http://www.vaca.mu/~jbarea/antsallovertokyo.jpg'> nooo, all my smoking spots have been overrun
  23. square


    Chocolate Liqueur Baileys Irish Cream Frappuccino (or any cold, sweet coffee blend) hella expensive, only had it once cause some girl made it for me...but it's liquid pleasure. one of those drinks that tastes so good you'll be suprised when you fall over trying to ride your bike. except not gay...like smirnoff ice. bahahaha...some women (and womanish men) need to get some balls and at least drink beer.
  24. if you smoke regularly its meaningless. AND WHO GIVES TWO SHITS 'CAUSE IT'S GAME SEVEN TONIGHT BAAAYBEE!!!
  25. square

    The Girls you know thread

    no....what you need is a life. "please believe"