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  1. Thanks for the positve feedback fellahs. Because MOE likes AUTUMN and deco outlines. ;) AUTUMN by: MOE
  2. Ah this stuff is so dope man.... original styles from the jump. Much respect.
  3. Because GOT: One likes overspray and drips...
  4. STEEL EDGE. My dude Jay used to work at a snowborad manufacturer. A nice come up.
  5. I like this, the letters are nice and funky simples but i was trying to figure what kind of advice i could give, (even though you did'nt ask...) so I decided to do a rough sketch of it. same letters, not much of a difference at all but i realized that your line rendering is'nt very confident. It bows here and there and is a little shaky. If you exercise your line rendering, your letters (which have funk) will hit harder.
  6. Thanks RYKE. I like doing real quick stuff but I have to admit, seeing your stuff made me realize the extra quality that comes with putting a little extra time into a canvas joint. Your produce is definitely choice bro. LaCosaNostra: GOT 1 /WYS is GOT 1 BAK/CST. Scribbles: No Tengo AIM.
  7. thanks scribbles. some quick, little shits. for my sister sheila.
  8. BUMP! And that production is preemo!!!! steady illing!!!
  9. I really like this stuff!!!
  10. Hell yeah bro, Let me know the specs through here or through the message feature. I'll post a flick when it's done and you can let me know what you're willing to trade. premo tmk: ......rusto fats. OmenTFC: ......You'll have to ask him about it bro. I'm always the last to know what's going on. ;) THE OMEN: ......amen. thanks wise-one and mad-villain.
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