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  1. i rekon we can beat paragauy next game go all whites 1-0
  2. yer from you and yo boys funny who paints a piece then goes in and tags up the pieces next to them you n your friend basil :huh:
  3. you guys are sick man i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it:scrambled:
  4. tisk im new to the shore show me around
  5. hahah kurse rokd tagging first:) who said my man got knocked out dats not wat he tolde me
  6. ^^^^^^ yea watch out there real serious around here but when push comes to shove they pull out there diks and shove it each overs bums
  7. is dis guy in your crew
  8. easy question? or just hard to answer? new york ? australia ? america ? brazil ?
  9. wekjwgfkgkjgfkjdshfk.jhsdlkfj,.,cb.kjdblkjdflkfdljlkadlkjhfkjdf.,bf.kjdh.kjbj.bvjbc,bvbk.jb;kj.j.kB.jbb.b.ksb.kb.kfcbdskbldk.bclk.dslck.djbk.jbd.cbd,bc,b,djb,djbcjbbjvbjvv,jbvj,bj,bv.,bv,b,vb,dbvvcc vcv cvcvfvjfbjnfbjnfbnjbnjncrew
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