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  1. niether have I, i've seen one throwy and a simple letters, but I know he is in CKT cause of that bitch move to stop beef wit cast.
  2. :eek: my version of slepton: iron, ether, steel, harsh, MAK1, :lol: , eyesoar, keda(not adek:lol: ), buket, leroy, chubs, spesh, zel, sufer, cyf, ribit, japan, chinatown.
  3. Fuck you bitch! I got fuckin work to do and what the fuck are you doing up!? You best stoptalking.
  4. Re: $choda$ What the fuck are you talking about?:zombie:
  5. Nobody says shit about BST, they crush wit them etch shots and run the busses down mission to downtown to the fuckin moon, so whateva:mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Re: 10 Shit. didn't mean to be so harsh, I'm just sayin, don't drop names cuz that shit is fucked up! Anyways, i thought we were tight pirate, I never did nothing to you, you never did anything to me. I'm also tryin to say, don't talk shit on someone you've seen once, when you don't even know their real name! Get rid of that post!
  7. Fuck! You're right. I've seen him, I know what he looks like, but I know you as well so ditto. :crazy:
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