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  1. thats really fresh. i think your no doubt one of the illest writers on this site. you should drop that in the bible.
  2. that last one reminds me of JHER. allr nice tho. post more.
  3. some nice walls in here. keep it up
  4. i dig those two ship looking ones. especially the second one. kinda remind me of seak but with your own style. keep it up.

    The Bible

    wow bouncercraze youve managed to break all of the above rules.
  6. i kinda like it but change yer name. how bout noses?
  7. what pisses me off is that people think hip hop and rap are the same. and on tv they call all these bunk rap motherfuckers hip hop. fuck that. and since when is talent defined by rap? yes, hip hop is a primarily black art and most the ill mc's are black. but that doesent mean that a whiteboy cant rock it.
  8. now i have enough information to make my freinds look stupid for years!
  9. that was on the sex show with the old bitch once. like 1 out of 1000 girls are ultra sensitive so they cum like a large quantity of clear fluid. maybe im just blazed but i think its a good thing.
  10. shit im going to the asian district first thing tommorow. Is it just like rush hour two? Or more like full metal jacket? fi dolla fi dolla suckee suckee!
  11. fuck it all fuck this world fuck everything that you stand for dont belong dont exist dont give a shit dont ever judge me and on a different note: i cant fully become my mothers guiding light till my dad returns to tell me what the other side is like
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