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  1. come off it, look how many have fotologs!!
  2. ''newcastle/north east scene always kicked ass back then and now a new breed is takin the place apart too...i think it is time the north eastern boys and girls got the props they deserve...reckon more steel is painted up there than anywhere else in uk at the moment(apart from maybe london).'' well thats probably got something to do with it bieng the only other city in the UK with a significant subway system (apart from pool which gets smashed and glasgow which rarely gets done)
  3. *tokyo subway http://www.revok1.com very very dope
  4. just because they are slamdoors doesnt mean there scraps, midland mainline still operate similar stock. but in this case there scraps!! :haha: :haha:
  5. wouldnt bother going prague at the moment saw about 4 pannels running in a week!! but beers are 5 for a quid at the supermarket so its cheap to get fooked up!
  6. shiiiit im really gutted, first harold hunter now j dilla, losing too many legends R.I.P
  7. ill bill posted: ''For all the bristolian train rats. saturday just gone, was one way to the HOF,m32. on the way spotted a smashed train, looked like a wholetrain. pieces everywhere. didnt catch who it was though.... maybe you did???? '' pathetic, bristolian train rats??? stop talking shit and get off your self promotional bullshit. :haha: :haha:
  8. best thing about brighton is that its full of faggots, cos i just love to go bumming on the weekends!!! :haha: :haha: :haha:
  9. normally stuff is done like that when theres scaffolding up for bridge maintenence, that'd make it quite simple
  10. that mr zino is very mr banos lookin
  11. hahahahahaha that video is quality
  12. hmmm doesnt make sense to me, why did you go to the yard with your solicitor and a btee to take photos of your tags that would incriminate you more in court??
  13. found this flick looking at cars on ebay lol
  14. video of cope dogging them GT pieces, its incomplete cos the bastard stopped the dwnld http://media.putfile.com/cope77 GT rule looks like someones givin him shit
  15. this thread needs to be renamed uk commuter trains 'the shameless self promotion thread'
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