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  1. Anyone else wanna battle? Pick a word and I'm down........ I vote for PARKE on that 'chaos' battle. Did I already vote????
  2. All good. Take your time. It took me a while to get started and finish with mine too. Partying all weekend and what not.
  3. PAID<LSA>216


    That's tight! Here's mine..... http://www.boominent.com/paidoneline.gif'> :dazed:
  4. Great stuff! Slick ass characters too! The can stack and dragon fly peice is the shizzle!! And that rattler! Great concepts.
  5. word. http://www.boominent.com/shun.jpg'> .
  6. my opinion..... Hands styles (tags) are important because it's the easiest thing to do on the street. As opposed to bombing or peicing which raises your risk and difficulties considerably on main streets. I know dudes with wak hands but they get mad ups. Handstyles that look dope on paper mean nothing untill they are seen by the public. I guess what I'm trying to say is: "Graffiti is not graffiti unless it's illegal and forced to be seen by the public. Good or wak hands apply." A good example is 'neckface' or 'ufo'. Ups outweigh style as far as I'm concerned. And style plus ups is truely where it's at. But I can also understand a writer who wants to develope a style before he raks his ups. Do your thing but getting up is graff.............. above all else.
  7. Never heard of him. Show me the chomp please.
  8. Word. Every judge comes to the table with his own vibe though. It's worth about 2 cent's and taste's vary in all viewers. Just keep doin' your thing and have fun with it.
  9. Feel it! You guys can disreguard my vote if you wanna. Anyone up for a friendly battle?
  10. Friday night deadline. You can pick the word.
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