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  1. it almost brings tears to my eyes
  2. yehhhh face. man this thread makes me wanna go to a party and round up all the sloppy girls and draw on them.
  3. ^^^^ im feelin that one, great colors
  4. yo dredz, i notice that you live in chicago. hit my email up and we can talk.
  5. SirSnapAlot

    Character Post

    hey tarek those are dead links, fix em so we can see your stuff
  6. done by Logan Hicks ive been looking at this guy recently and he does incredible stencils of buildings. they are massive, his largest was something like 13ft by 8ft. this one happens to be 6ft by 4 ft http://www.woostercollective.com/images/loganchina.jpg'> stolen from wooster collective
  7. does anyone know what ever happened to "the dillz"?
  8. ^^^ that first one with the character is real hott
  9. ^^^^ haha, that last girl doesn't look to happy about whats going down.
  10. MR JAGO http://www.mrjago.com/paintings/finger-jazz.jpg'> http://www.mrjago.com/paintings/check.jpg'> http://www.mrjago.com/paintings/cam.jpg'> http://www.mrjago.com/paintings/edz.jpg'> Mr Jago
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