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  1. yeah, my favorite fight...finally found it! i love how dude is all chilled out(of shape), and totally not intimidated by that beastly ass dude...you find out why within seconds. iron chin
  2. yeah, you're coming off like a name dropping idiot...relax guy.
  3. <!--QuoteBegin-guerillaeye@Apr 1 2006, 03:08 PM a bum randomly fucks up a car.. a car waiting at a red light. Quoted post :huh2:
  4. c'mon man...what the fuck is that shit? this thread rules by the way.
  5. streeeeeeeeeength....for a reason!
  6. after viewing more "bum fight" videos, i've decided that i hate whoever is behind these videos.
  7. i guess that dude is from the bumfights videos they're saying? crazy
  8. this thread made me laugh out loud
  9. nozaki


    eat shit and diet
  10. :huh2: actually, that's my favorite shit right there
  11. nozaki


    in other words, you're fatter than "normal" people...haha
  12. remember, you don't need to be in a relationship to be truely happy in life. i guess some people's happiness is more dependent on being with someone, but i think that can be changed with some will-power and mental strength.
  13. do that before you go to bed and i can almost promise you the most f'd up dreams ever
  14. nozaki


    BMI Calculator 21.9
  15. i'm addicted to finding fight videos for this thread now, haha. bored at work style... one of my favorites so far
  16. sorry i'm blowing this shit up, but: talk shit, get popped in your top lip edit: even more kimbo
  17. assualt with a deadly weapon up in this bitch i'd be pissed :hatred:
  18. These are BAD! That dude got his eye punched out, Jesus. Quoted post [/b] MORE KIMBO!
  19. Crocop pride fight random fights KIMBO! fruit booter should of got fucked up instead eh, that's enough for now
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