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  1. ownage3k


    i like that throw and handy, nice shit
  2. Like every single one of em, that SKEN piece is my fave. :D
  3. i'd put in a anonymous phone call out of respect for the dead and the family. i know the pain of loss all too well. to that "who'd run the corpse for his shit" kid. that's fucking wrong man.
  4. ownage3k

    Yard Safety

    *bump* just read this front to back, really good info, i don't know shit about freights and this really helped me get a clue nice job.
  5. hahaha aww shit... where i'm from the cops enjoy beating children and violating their bum bum.
  6. Nice shit Must... http://members.aol.com/rsacomp/handy.jpg'> already posted this but whatever, it's something
  7. Fuckin' burner Statz.. That 1st Virz is chill too :D
  8. http://members.aol.com/rsacomp/handy.jpg'> Handstyle I did for my friend, posted here cause I don't feel like making a whole new handy thread.
  9. Thanks for the feedback all, I'm working on some simpler stuff now, I shouldn't jump the gun right to a complex. I'll probably post more soon. Again, thanks :)
  10. hey cool, I hadn't heard of that, thanks alot dude...
  11. alright, since the other sketch thread is gonna die in a bit, I'll just use this till the new one is made. Here's a sketch I did a few nights ago. I tried to make a simple a bit more complex. Some of the shadings pretty off, but I was really only focusing on keeping the letter structure in proportion. Tell me what you think. http://members.aol.com/rsacomp/sketch.jpg'>
  12. ownage3k


    whoa who writes trex? i thought I was the only 1..
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